Black “Diversity Champion” is Sacked for Posting “AUSCHWITZ Gas Chamber Music LMAO” on Twitter

Smash or pass?

Stephanie Yeboah is black, female, and obese. According to the current standards of oppression, she should be allowed to make jokes about Jews in the same way that blacks are allowed to make jokes and criticize white people.

Buts as we’ve recently witnessed with the Kanye West Twitter suspension – which came after he mentioned Nick Cannon having been crushed for talking about Jews – not even blacks are allowed to criticize or make fun of Jews.

Not even obese black females.

If you ask why are people not allowed to criticize the Jews or make jokes involving the Jews, you’d probably be labeled anti-Semitic without being offered any kind of coherent explanation.

Daily Mail:

Grazia magazine has sacked its new ‘diversity champion’ after she posted vile antisemitic comments on social media.

Author and ‘body positivity’ blogger Stephanie Yeboah was hired as a contributing editor by the fashion and lifestyle weekly last month to ‘fight for diversity, inclusion and women’s rights’.

But the 31-year-old activist has been axed over hateful remarks about the Holocaust including ‘every Jew has an attic but not every attic has Jews’, and a bizarre tweet which said: ‘AUSCHWITZ Gas Chamber Music LMAO SMH (laughing my a*** off, shaking my head).’ 

On the recent 75th anniversary of the liberation of the death camp, where a million Jews were murdered, Ms Yeboah wrote: ‘There have been bigger and more horrific genocides. They happened to brown people, though, so I guess it doesn’t matter, huh?

She issued a grovelling apology after the offending Twitter posts were published by Private Eye magazine last Wednesday.

It is understood there were frantic discussions with Grazia UK editor Hattie Brett before the decision was finally made to sack her on Friday evening.

A spokesman for the magazine’s German-owned publisher Bauer Media said: ‘Following an internal review, we have agreed that Stephanie will no longer be writing as a contributing editor of Grazia.

We will continue to support her as she further educates herself in collaboration with the Jewish community. Grazia continues to champion diversity and inclusion and stands firmly against antisemitism.’

Ms Yeboah, a Left-wing Black Lives Matter supporter from London, has attracted a large following online for her writings championing plus-size ‘body positivity’.

She told a recent interviewer that her ‘purpose’ was to ‘teach women how to live in their truth and not be bound by the shackles of this very patriarchal, capitalist society that thrives on white supremacy’.

However, despite her anti-capitalist stance, she takes money from top brands to model their clothes in sponsored social media posts to her 200,000 Instagram followers.

Retailers Asos, Very and River Island did not respond to questions last night about whether they would stop working with her after Grazia fired her.

Hello Fresh, the recipe delivery box company, said it was ‘reviewing’ whether to work with Ms Yeboah again.

In an apology posted on Wednesday, Ms Yeboah said: ‘I made very ignorant and antisemitic comments about the Jewish community, as well as quoting lines from a variety of TV shows, including quotes that upon reflection, were extremely offensive and hurtful.

To plead ignorance is no excuse, I should have known better than to make these kinds of comments about events which remain a source of unimaginable trauma for the Jewish community.’

Of course she apologized and groveled like a dog, which should tell you this: blacks can be trained to respect non-black authority.

Jews are powerful and wealthy, yet they’re shielded from criticism and always treated like victims.

Why? Because they’re covertly ruling over us.

Can you think of any single thing on earth you’re not allowed to make a joke about, other than Jews?

You can urinate on a crucifix and get promoted. But you can’t say that it’s possible that there is some humor to be found in a 75-year-old fable about something that happened to Jews on another continent.

If Stephanie Yeboah wants to find a new job somewhere, she’ll have to go through the humiliation ritual, apologizing everywhere as she’s being “educated” by the Jewish community.

She’s submitted to her true masters.