Black Cop Strip-Searched Countless Women to Satisfy His Jungle Needs

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
December 10, 2019

What do you call a Black cop strip-searching women? A “badge Cosby.”

You know what’d make for a really funny reality show?

Picture this:

It’s like “Cops,” but instead of having normal people rounding up criminal minorities, you flip it around and give those criminal brown people badges and guns and let them loose on the population. Wouldn’t the entire country turn into a lawless hellhole?

I’d call this reality show “America 2019.”


An 18-year veteran of the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office was arrested over the weekend on misdemeanor charges stemming from an investigation launched after several women claimed the officer conducted inappropriate strip searches on them.

Floyd Berry Jr. was arrested Saturday following an internal probe which found that the 49-year-old “unlawfully strip-searched,” at least three women while patrolling Bexar County, Texas, between November 24 and December 4, according to a release obtained by the Sacramento Bee.

I wonder what kind of face this Floyd Berry Jr. person might have?

What a shock!

This is definitely the kind of face sane people would look for when hiring people to keep the peace.

The investigation, led by the sheriff’s office’s internal affairs and Bexar County Street Crimes units, was launched on December 3 following an allegation brought to the department by a woman who complained of Berry’s conduct during a traffic stop.

An affidavit obtained KSAT detailed that the woman told investigators that she and a male friend were stopped by the 49-year-old officer at a Shell gas station on December 1. Shortly afterward, Berry separated the woman from her friend, took her to a secluded area near the back of his patrol car and ordered her to “remove her clothing so he could search her,” the document continues. The woman said she complied and was eventually escorted back to the gas station.

Another woman reported a similar incident to the internal affairs unit on December 4. According to the affidavit, the woman, who said she was pulled over with her husband during a traffic stop, claimed Berry isolated her and “instructed her to lift her bra and shake.” The woman alleged the so-called search did not conclude until she “completely exposed her nipples.”

Not long after the second complaint, a third alleged victim came forward to the unit and said Berry, after arresting her for two outstanding felony warrants, parked his patrol car in a sequestered area and directed her to remove her clothing so he could perform a search. The affidavit noted the woman “stated she could visually see that Deputy Floyd Berry was sexually aroused” and that the 49-year-old “continually made flirtatious comments” for the remainder of the ride.

During a Sunday press conference, Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar noted that while Berry has been with the department for 18 years, he has only been tasked with patrol since late 2015. At the same time, the sheriff commented that there has been a “a flurry of improper activity in the past couple of weeks,” and he does not believe Berry’s case is an isolated event, reported San Antonio’s WOAI-TV.

Salazar announced that at least five women, aged between 26 and 52, have come forward with allegations against Berry, who has been charged with three counts of official oppression – which is a class A misdemeanor. The sheriff highlighted that only three of the testimonies pertained to the aforementioned charges.

This nigga must have been doing this routinely for years, and only recently had the hammer drop on him when the complaints mounted to a ridiculous degree.

There’s no doubt that police departments will protect their own and try to handle this kind of misconduct internally before having no choice but to go public. After all, this is obviously extremely embarrassing.

I mean, it’s fine for cops to molest women, as long as it’s done in a classy way to a tasteful soundtrack.

But these Black cops can’t even get that right.

I’ll bet that nigga was listening to gangsta rap while he was molesting these ladies.


This just goes to show that unless you’re some kind of villain trying to make a point about society in a Batman movie, giving badges to savage brown people isn’t a good idea.

At this rate, the greatest danger to our wives and daughters will be these foreigners who for some reason are allowed to have authority over us and will simply demand we hand over all our women with the full force of the state behind them.

This cop was basically cuckolding men right in front of them with a gun by his side.

This is the future of White people in America – state-enforced cuckoldry by brown people.