Black Contributor to Huffington Post Tweets That White Conservative Radio Host Dana Loesch Should Be Sodomized By a ‘Brother’

Katie Pavlich
September 1, 2013

Dana Loesch

Leave it to a progressive male to publicly promote the rape of conservative radio host,  activist, wife and mother Dana Loesch.

Late last night, in response to a tweet from Loesch about gun control, Huffington Post contributor Pascal Robert told her she should be raped and described a sick sexual fantasy.

“I know you would look lovely with thigh high stockings and would love to have a brother give to you up the ass. Wouldn’t you?” Robert said.

Are you shocked? Because I’m not. It’s no wonder Robert is anti-gun, that’s usually the case with progressive men who promote rape against women (conservative women in particular).


Progressives: engaged in the progressive promotion of interracial anal rape of their political enemies.

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