Black Comedian Explains White People’s Love for Radiohead’s “Creep”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 21, 2015

One fact that will probably make a lot of our readers here uncomfortable, but which is nonetheless factual, is that non-Whites know things about us that we don’t know about ourselves, simply because they are different from us and able to observe us in ways which we cannot observe ourselves.

One such notable case came across my desk today. The Black comedian Patrice O’Neal explained on a radio show why White people love Radiohead’s song “Creep.”

O’Neal said:

Black folks and any other body should know how important Neil Young is as a artist to White people – and, how important the song “creep” is!

The magic of this song “creep” – when I heard it I was like ah it’s a good song and then I seen videos and its mesmerizing to White people. They start floating – “I’m a creep, I’m a loser.” [interviewer begins playing song] Dude! I’m telling you seven people just crashed into the bay just now. They pulled over to cry or jump in the water.

It’s something about this song, it digs deep to this loserdom. White people have this innate thing where they wanna feel bad. That’s why they voted for Barack. it’s like “I’m a creep.” I didn’t own slaves, but I’m a weirdo.

The White people running the radio studio where he made these statements are disgusting, pandering to him when he is in fact mocking them, but at the same time, the obvious truth of what he is saying here simply cannot be denied. We have a soul which longs for suffering, and the depressing music we produce demonstrates this beyond any doubt.

Black people can’t understand this drive any we have to suffer any more than we can understand the drive they have to constantly murder each other, but they can see it as plain as we can see them shooting each other on the streets for no reason.

As regular readers are aware, I listen to depressing music, and thinking about it, it is hard to think of White music that doesn’t relish in sadness on some level.

Right now I’m listening to this.

Justin Townes Earle is a heroin addict and awkward weirdo singing about personal failure, it is pure misery and I love it. There is nothing I would rather be listening to. Why?

I often feel I should just quit listening to music altogether, or only listen to Gucci Mane and Rick Ross.  But here I am, everyday, listening to junkies cry about how miserable their lives are.

This part of our being is why we have Christ. Or why we had him. And why we now have White guilt. Christ as avatar channelled this drive towards misery into a quest to overcome the material realm, the challenges in it, to become something better than we are.


The lower races, having no ability to spiritually transcend, have no need for this drive towards suffering. That is why Christianity is traditionally a White religion, and when you see non-White versions of it, it is something very different.

In evolutionary biology, this suffering served to drive us to move, to need make things happen, to change the world around us. Because of this constant state of dissatisfaction that the suffering brings, we forced ourselves in an environment that required that we force ourselves.

This is why Blacks never invented the wheel or written language.  Because they are happy all the time, just beating drums, joking around, having sex and killing each other.  Creativity is a channelling of suffering.

For what it’s worth, lower IQ Whites seem to suffer less psychologically than higher IQ Whites, which has led to a situation where the more average your IQ, the more successful you are in this current system (to a certain point), with most highly intelligent White men dropping out of society, doing drugs or going to live in some third world country to forget about reality.

Now, everything has gone wrong, with our biology turning against us.  We are trapped in a loop of self-loathing, and have so turned to a form of suicidalism.  This is because we have nothing to work toward.  You can try to get a job at a corporation, or try to start some business, and maybe this will work out (probably it won’t), but on the collective level, we have no goals or direction as a race, and so suffering has become an end in itself.

We must again remember what the suffering is for, and use it for what it is meant to be used for.