Black Cabby Blames Weather for Crash That Killed 9-Year-Old White Boy

New York Post
December 29, 2014

Cooper was coming home from dinner with his dad on Jan. 10 when Black taxi driver Koffi Komlani turned left striking both.

The cabby who ducked criminal charges after he killed a Manhattan boy is fighting two traffic tickets from the crash — and is now blaming darkness and bad weather.

Koffi Komlani, 54, struck Cooper Stock, 9, while the boy was holding his father’s hand in an Upper West Side crosswalk on Jan. 10.

Komlani pleaded not guilty Friday to the offense of failing to yield, as well as failing to exercise due care.

“The conditions were dark that night,” claimed his lawyer, Raymond Colon, who said his client didn’t see the Stocks. “The weather may have been a little inclement.”

Koffi Komlani leaving court December 5, 2014.

There was a light fog that night, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Black cab driver Koffi Komlani holds his head in his hands after fatally striking the 9-year-old White boy, Cooper Stock.

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