Black Buck Stabs White Girlfriend to Death and Then Kills Himself

Baltimore CBS Local
September 1, 2014

If only Rebecca “Becky” Ann Coughenour had dated within her race, she would still be alive now.

The stabbing death of Baltimore woman was the result of domestic violence, police say.

Police say 23-year-old Rebecca Ann Coughenour was stabbed to death last Thursday by her boyfriend, 25-year-old Brandon Jerome Nowlin.

Coughenour and Nowlin had been in a relationship for the last several years. They have a prior history of domestic violence reported.

Detectives say Nowlin was last seen in the 5500-block of the Baltimore National Pike in Catonsville. He has found dead by apparent suicide last Thursday afternoon.

The victim and the suspect evidence as well as victim’s statements determined that Nowlin was the suspect.  Subsequently the case has been exceptionally closed.

Brandon Nowlin killed himself after killing his White girlfriend.

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