Black Beats Up Blind Guy

Daily Stormer
October 10, 2013

Description of the event from Fox:

Philadelphia police released a street-camera video Wednesday of a blind man taking a brutal beating in broad daylight.

The blind man, who was in the Germantown area, appeared to be pushed from behind and falls off the curb and into the street.

While on the ground, the blind man takes two punches, and then gets kicked nearly a dozen times by the attacker. He offered no defense. Police noted that there were bystanders in the video that did nothing to intervene. There were no calls to 911 until after the attack, and that call did not even specify that he had been attacked.

“A challenged person that can’t see is attacked in midday, and no one comes to his aid? That’s insanity,” one resident told reported that the blind man, 33, was also robbed and suffered injuries to his face and head. The suspect is still at large.

Charles Ramsey, the Philadelphia police chief, told the station that the lack of response is becoming “more and more common.” He said witnesses are more prone to pull out their cellphones and record a video than to call police.

“People now just sit around. It’s a shame,” he said.