Black Babysitter Crushes Baby’s Skull to Save PS4

Daily Stormer
May 12, 2017

Finally, a person of color who has his priorities straight.

Playstations don’t grow on trees, nigga!

9 News :

A mother of a toddler expected to die after a severe brain injury caused by a babysitter says she’s sharing her story in hopes other parents understand child abuse is not only real, but can be caused by someone who’s close to the family.

“It’s not just some random person. It can be someone you’ve known your whole life. It could be a family member,” Ashley England said, mother of now 18-month-old Landon.

According to court documents, in the summer of 2016, Caleb Collins was watching then 7-month-old Landon. England told 9NEWS that Collins’ wife watched Landon before. Landon’s dad knew Collins since they were 12 or 13; the two went to the same church at one time.

“I never, I would’ve never thought at all,” England told 9NEWS, “I’ve seen him with his child, with his wife, very loving, caring compassionate.”

Sure could have fooled me.

In his police interview, Collins told investigators what he did while watching Landon.

“He admitted to my partner, that he grabbed Landon by his face and threw him down on the ground and it caused him to double flip prior to smashing his head on the ground,” said Fort Collins police detective Jacklyn Shaklee. “The reason that Mr. Collins did that is because Landon was crawling toward a PlayStation cord and he didn’t want the play station to be pulled off the shelf.”

That was a close shave. A little more and we could have had a tragedy on our hands, Tyrone.

But seriously, its the parents who should be prosecuted here, for letting their baby in the hands of a colored primitive.