Black Baby’s Entire Body is Covered in Hair, Just Like a Monkey’s

The monkey baby is kinda cute. I’m not trying to insult the monkey baby personally. I have no problem with monkeys.

But it brings us to the question we’ve been asking for a very long time: are the Negroes simply Australopithecus or Homo Erectus or some other kind of allegedly extinct ape?

If so – and I think it’s safe to say “yup” – then should we be expecting them to be able to participate in modern civilization?

It could be that the real racism is in expecting a primitive, pre-human ape to be able to get along in a Western system.

Daily Mail:

A mother has revealed her shock at the amount of hair her three-month-old daughter had grown all over her body.

Kei’Yonna Gumbs, from Texas City, said her daughter Myla was born with a full-head of hair and it soon grew over her arms and legs.

Little Myla, Kei’Yonna’s fourth child, has also grown sideburns,  which are jet black.

At just two months the hair began growing all over her body.

It now covers her calves and thighs, upper and forearms, it’s also all over her cheeks.

The excessive hair was something that Kei’Yonna had not experienced with the previous three children.

‘I was shocked when I noticed the hair coming in,’ she said.

It is truly quite something – however, the hair does not look out of place.

Artificial intelligence has repeatedly found that black people are gorillas.


Google banned their image app from being able to recognize gorillas because they couldn’t convince the AI to believe that black people are not gorillas.

That event happened three years ago, and to this day, you cannot identify gorillas with Google images. The AI simply cannot grasp what the difference is.

I maintain that black people should be allowed to develop independently from whites, and that the people who expect them to participate in Western civilization are the real racists.