Black Attacks 71-Year-Old White Female Restaurant Owner After Being Asked to Leave

Shamaiah Davis

Blacks rarely turn down the opportunity to attack an elderly white person.


Police have arrested a suspect in connection with an assault at a Troy restaurant.

Troy Police report that 39-year-old Shamaiah Davis has been arrested following an investigation into the assault at Jimmy’s Lunch in Troy.

Officers say the 71-year-old business owner was assaulted by Davis – after he ordered takeout and she asked him to leave. We’re told the attack sent the woman to the hospital with several cuts to her head, which required staples and stitches.

Police say that around 4:00 p.m. Friday, Davis was arrested in Albany before being transported to the Troy Police Department for questioning.

He has been charged with 2nd degree assault, 1st degree robbery, 1st degree unlawful imprisonment, and 2nd degree criminal possession of a weapon, all felonies.

In addition, police report that the 71-year-old victim in the attack is recovering after being taken to the hospital.

The victim