Black and Mestizo Ice Cream Truck Drivers Engage in Violent Ice Cream Turf War

The battle for midtown’s ice cream market almost took a deadly turn when a Yogo truck driver pulled a knife on his Mister Softee rival during a fight. Both men were arrested.

Matthew J. Perlman, Mark Morales
NY Daily News
August 17, 2013


Mister Softee brought a sugar cone to a knife fight.

Two frozen treat slingers were arrested Wednesday after getting their licks in during a midtown turf war that could have become a stabbing, cops said.


The driver of a Mister Softee truck parked at 50th St. and Sixth Ave. became enraged when a Yogo truck pulled up just after 7 p.m., according to police.

The Mister Softee man ripped off the Yogo truck’s permit, and soon both drivers were squaring off, cops said. Then the Yogo driver pulled a knife, police said.


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