Black Alleged Female Repeatedly Stabbed White Lady-Cop in the Neck

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
May 22, 2018

Supposed female Chevoughn Augustin.

Why are Black (alleged) women even in our country and stabbing lady-cops in the neck?

Why are women in the police force to begin with?

Something seems really screwed up in our society.

Daily Mail:

A woman who allegedly stabbed a Connecticut police officer in the neck several times is being held on $2million bail.

Chevoughn Augustin, 39, has been charged with attempted murder in the stabbing of officer Jill Kidik, 34, in Hartford on Thursday.

Kidik, a 12-year veteran of the force who was honored for saving a baby’s life in 2015, is in critical but stable condition, police say.

Jill Kidik.