Black Africans Protest Border Fence in Hungary

Daily Slave
July 16, 2015

As we can see – White Hungarians are outraged at this border fence proposal lol.

The Reuters headline claimed that Hungarians were protesting a border fence that is expected to be constructed along their southern border with Serbia.  The purpose of this fence is to keep out invading Africans.

I laughed at this because the photo they supplied with the story shows a couple of retarded Black Africans protesting the construction of said fence.  These are not Hungarians.  Hungarians are White and do not look like gorillas so the Reuters story is intellectually dishonest.

But seriously, what business do these invading Africans have in protesting a border fence in a White European nation?  These Negroes should be shipped back to Africa in zoo cages before they start lowering property values.


A thousand people demonstrated in downtown Budapest on Tuesday against a fence Hungary is building along its border with Serbia to keep out an accelerating flow of migrants entering from the south.

The rally, organized by civic groups, started from the city’s biggest church, Saint Stephen’s Basilica, under banners “Jesus was a migrant, too” and “My best friend is a migrant”.

The marchers walked to the neo-gothic Parliament building, where they demolished a 15-metre (16.4 yards) mock fence symbolizing the one being put up along the border, cutting the wire into pieces.