Black Activist Says Many Chicago Murders are Done by White Nationalists Wearing Black Man Masks

During the height of the Black Lives Matter riots at the beginning of June, the media and various government officials were making the claim that it was actually white supremacists that were doing the rioting. Though it was never plainly stated, the obvious implication was that some or all of the blacks that we were watching on TV rioting were actually white people in rubber masks.

When I suggest that they must be suggesting rubber masks, some people suggested to me that this isn’t what was being suggested. I replied: “Then what do they mean? How can black people really be white people when you can look at them and visibly see black people, unless they are wearing masks?”

Now, a black activist, one Rizza Islam, has come out and said plainly that he believes that black people in Chicago are being killed by white supremacists wearing “silicone body suits.”

I don’t know if blacks would have come up with this idea on their own or not, but I have to assume that this was influenced by the claims of the media and government officials that the blacks rioting last month were secretly white people somehow.

It’s likely that the claim that the blacks rioting were secret white supremacists was intended specifically to target blacks, as it is hard to believe that even the most brainwashed white could take this seriously. It is likely that they were attempting to seed the idea that many black criminals are secretly white into the brains of black people to cause them to become further agitated and paranoid.