Bizarre Video Emerges of White People Ritually Worshiping Black People

I hope you saw the video of the black running up to the random white woman on the street and asking her to kneel before him, and her dutifully obliging.

Because that video is the only thing that could begin to prepare you for the video that has emerged of whites at a George Floyd protest engaging in ritual worship of blacks.

The video, filmed in Bethesda, Maryland, shows a black matriarch leading a large crowd of whites in swearing an oath of allegiance to the blacks. The whites have their hands in the air, expressing their submission to their black lords and masters. It is a ritual ceremony that one would see in a religious cult.

That is truly the concept we need to understand when we look at the way that these whites talk about the blacks: a new religion has been formed around the worship of nonwhites, and it is a perversion of Christianity, an evil reverse, an Anti-Christianity. The reason that this white self-hatred and worship of nonwhites is so bizarre is that it is religious in nature, and religion exists in the realm of the illogical.

In Christianity, people are naturally sinful, and they must repent of this sin. Man’s sin nature revolves around sexuality. In civilization, you have to control the sexual urge by restricting sex to marriage, because if you do not restrict sex, maintaining a complex social order becomes impossible. Moreover, behaviors such as masturbation and oral sex were seen as a threat to the birthrate, which was very important to the church, especially when Christianity was in the process of being overwhelmed by Islamic hordes, which was for most of the history of the early church.

Christianity, as a pro-civilization, pro-natal religion, identified illicit sex and sexual feelings as sinful and created a guilt complex around it, causing people to feel dirty if they even thought sinful thoughts about another man’s wife or the young virgin across the street. This was a mechanism to maintain social order, and it was a good thing, and for whatever reason, white people really took to this idea of viewing themselves as sinful and in need of redemption.

As a way of degrading and harming Christian society, the Jew Sigmund Freud promoted the idea that sex is not “sinful,” and that we should be liberated from the guilt we feel by engaging in illicit sexual acts. Over a period of time, this became the norm, as it was taught by Jews in universities and eventually in elementary school classrooms through the sexual education programs mandated by the Jew-occupied government. Once the veil of sex was lifted, and sex was delivered “free” to the masses of idiots who believed that sexual freedom had only been kept from them by “the man” and “squares,” Christianity as a religion collapsed and there was nowhere for the white man to store his pent-up guilt, which he was feeling despite his liberation.

The same academia, the very same Jews, had a follow-up to sexual liberation: the racist theory of history. That is, the weird assertion that all the developments of history were driven by white people hurting nonwhite people because they hated the color of their skin. This was the definition of evil, the people were told. This led to the most evil of all historical events: the Holocaust of the Jews, who were a perfect innocent race, and the second most evil of all historical events: slavery, when innocent blacks were forced to work on farms.

As such, the “sin nature” of man became redefined as “whiteness” and “white privilege.” Now, the white man has a new way to express his feelings of guilt: he does not feel this guilt because he has an irresistible urge to ravage his neighbor’s wife and daughter in a disgusting orgy. This guilt doesn’t come from his porn addiction. No, these feelings of guilt originate from the fact he was born white. His ancestors committed the crimes of slavery and the Holocaust, and those sins were passed down to him. He is well-off not because he worked and made a life for himself, but because a secret and invisible system of secret racism gave him an advantage.

What’s more: he might not be actively doing racist things, such as saying the n-word or laughing when others say the n-word, but he has done microaggressions. He was scared when a group of blacks approached him at night in a parking lot. He thought they were going to hurt him, but they just wanted to ask for a lighter. The fact that he thought they would hurt him is further proof of his sin nature, and his need to repent.

And what is repentance?

Well, the Jewish media has offered him a quick path to that: you need to bow down before the blacks, you need to “show solidarity,” you need to become a “white ally” and work for the agenda of the blacks to become free from the oppression they are suffering by being arrested for committing crimes. Because the only reason they commit so many crimes in the first place is that you oppressed them.

All of their behavior is your fault. So get out there, bow down on your knees before them.

Do a ritual mass swearing allegiance to them.

If you truly want the ultimate redemption, you can sacrifice your breasts.

Or give an eye to the cause of black liberation.

This will relieve some of your guilt.

This will bring you closer to the spiritual purity of the blacks. The innocence of their black skin will be given unto you, and your sin will be blotted out by their sinlessness. Simply being in the presence of a black, while showing submission to them, is a way to remove the sin of whiteness.

And of course, just like the blood of Christ was sacred to Christian man, making Christ worthy of worship, the nonwhites, being the sacred group capable of alleviating guilt, are to be worshiped just as Christ was once worshiped.

Of course, not all of the followers of this new religion go so far as to engage in these rituals. Most of them simply support the policies they are told will alleviate their guilt. They put signs in their yards supporting mass immigration, they vote for mass immigration, they publicly shame anyone who they feel is engaging in “racism,” and they vote for Democrats who promise to bring justice for the colored people of the world. That is a very small thing for an individual, to vote. No one sees a direct result from their own personal vote. So it is a bit of tribute they can easily give to the new religion of worshiping colored people.

This new religion is the defining identity of the modern age of Western civilization. The only solution to this problem is to return to where we were before the Jews gained this control over our society: we have to return to Christian norms.

Christianity didn’t disappear because of “science,” as the Jews claim. Whenever I hear some person, ostensibly on the right-wing, claiming that we cannot return to Christianity because “that time is passed and we’re in a new age of science,” I know that I’m dealing with an absolute moron.

Religion and science exist in two separate parts of the human brain. Clearly, this worship of colored people is not scientific. Quite the opposite. It is in fact much less scientific than Christianity. You cannot prove that Jesus didn’t walk on water or turn water into wine, but you absolutely can prove that black people are not being oppressed and that white people are not responsible for all of the suffering in the world. There are all kinds of other completely unscientific elements to modern society, which prove beyond any shadow of a doubt that we did not leave Christianity and enter some new age of enlightened scientific pursuit. The obvious reason for that is that man is not a purely rational creature and never will be, so it is absolutely necessary to have an established religion that benefits the people and promotes healthy values.

The masses of people are never going to be truly enlightened. They are never going to actually understand what is going on. The masses of people do not even think. They simply act on the most basic instincts. Most people reading this probably don’t understand that, because they probably only have very cursory and limited interactions with the masses of people. Thinking people do not generally hang out socially with the unthinking because the two types of people are uncomfortable around one another. But I can tell you: these people are not examining their environment and attempting to make logical determinations about it. They are doing what feels right to them, which is meeting basic needs and going along with the crowd.

Religion is a basic need that must be met. Humans must identify something as sacred, and they must have ritual. That is not going to go away because of education. Getting angry at these people bowing down before the blacks is not going to get anyone anywhere, nor is trying to talk sense into them. The thing that you must understand is that they are doing this without thought, and they could just as easily be doing something else without thought. If a new order were to rise, the masses of people would immediately follow that new order, as they always have done throughout all of history.