Bizarre RT Comedy Show: Israel were the Real Election Meddlers

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 17, 2018

So, apparently RT has their own comedy show with some guy with long hair.

I just watched a few minutes of it, and he was talking about how the mainstream media is covering up global warming… then he switched to how the elections in America are controlled by Jews.


A foreign country has indeed meddled with the US midterm elections, pumping millions of dollars to support congressional candidates. However, it wasn’t the usual suspect you may easily think of, Lee Camp revealed.

It turns out that “a single foreign government” had as many as 28 political action committees (PACs) that donated millions of dollars to candidates they wanted to succeed in the November midterm elections, Redacted Tonight host Lee Camp said. “You Russian bastards,” Camp mockingly erupts in a rant, before telling the audience that it was actually… Israel.

“I am reporting this with a heavy heart because I’m a patriot, alright?” he said. “And that means, I don’t want foreigners screwing with our elections, I want our democracy to be screwed up by Americans – for Americans, by Americans, the way it has been for centuries!”

This is a really weird angle that RT is going with here.

They are trying to appeal to liberals by saying that the mainstream media is not liberal enough and then saying “but you know what the real problem is? JEWS.”

That’s an okay strategy if it was going to work, but it just won’t. RT can never be as powerful as the mainstream media, and they can never convince the type of lunatics that believe in global warming that Russians are the real liberal crusaders. Even if they could convince liberals of that, as soon as you drop “but the real problem is the JEWS” in there, you’ve lost them.

RT should do right-wing media. They could have a lot of success with that.

And they sort of dabble in it. Other than Breitbart, they are the only outlet online that reports the brutal crimes of the migrants in Europe in English. But the people who run it seem to be fixated with the idea that they are going to somehow convince liberals to be on the side of Russia, and though on its face it looks like a clever scheme, it’s actually just really dumb and ridiculous.

As I’ve noted before, they’re also horrible at promoting Russia, and in fact seem to want to give the impression that Russia is a fucked-up third world country, just with white people.

Any time you scroll down to the Russia vertical on RT’s site, it’s just a bunch of terrible stories of corruption, violence, poverty and crime.

Here, let’s check it right now.


It’s always like that.

There are a lot of positive stories they could be reporting about Russian society, public policy and so on, but it’s all just bad stuff that otherwise wouldn’t ever even be reported in English.

It’s like their line is “we hate Russia as much as anyone… but they didn’t hack the election though and the real enemy is the JEWS.”