Bizarre Nip Female Senator Spreads Fantastical Theory That Black and Communist Riots are Started by “White Supremacists”

We recently covered a situation in Richmond, Virginia, where, following a big time commie riot, the mayor said that it was secret white supremacists dressed as commies and black people that started the riot.

We did not expect for that kind of talk to go federal, but it has.

At a Senate Judiciary hearing this week, the strange Nipponese female Senator of Hawaii, Mazie Hirono, peddled the theory of secret white supremacist riot-starters, and demanded that President Donald Trump take action against them.

With stilted English, the Kooky Kunt began her deranged diatribe by forwarding the conspiracy theory that federal officers have been attacking peaceful protesters in Washington and Portland.

Continuing in her strange quest to violate the English language and the nature of reality itself, the Nasty Nip referred to the riots as “the largest movement in American history” and spewed the debunked claim that millions of these people are peaceful.

“President Trump is deliberately trying to undermine the massive protests for racial justice by dismissing them as anarchists and antifa,” the slant-eyed prune moaned. “To perpetuate this narrative, President Trump has ignored factual evidence showing that white supremacists have hijacked peaceful protests to incite violence and stoke racial conflict, such as in Minneapolis.”

Though this would have seemed a good place for her to present the alleged “factual evidence” supporting this lunatic claim, she instead forced the people of the committee, including the sickening bastard and anti-American Cuban shill Ted Cruz, to watch an Irish anti-American propaganda film that looked identical to the anti-American propaganda films we see coming out of North Korea. I actually thought it was a North Korean film when she first turned it on.

Basically, the argument is that “no true antifa” would start a riot, therefore anyone starting a riot is a white supremacist.

This is just so childish and ridiculous, that it is again incredible that we are dealing with it at all. Having this sort of gibberish spewed in the Senate is really hard to wrap your head around.

But I am telling you this: we are preparing for a coming new reality where the media and government can just say whatever they want about anything, and you will not have any access to a counter narrative.

There is currently no evidence that these riots were not started by secret white supremacists. You cannot prove they were not. The claim is insane on the face of it, so much so that it can be dismissed outright. Further, they have no evidence to support the claim. In Richmond, where the mayor made this claim, he just keeps saying he’s looking into it.

Most of the media and government are not pressing this point right now because they know that it can be investigated by Breitbart or even some goofy dickhead like Jack Posobiec or whoever. They also know it sounds insane. However, if all right-wing media is shut down, they can just put forward faked video footage, and there is no one to question its veracity.

“White supremacists” and “neo-Nazis” are going to play a big role in this coming psychodrama that is being staged. If Joe Biden wins, they are going to use the boogieman of white supremacists to continue to justify everything they are doing. I have heard that the neo-Nazis are currently telling people they are going to form a “political party.” Whether it is the neo-Nazi groups that I’m thinking of, or whether they bring out some new group of neo-Nazis, there will be a main group of neo-Nazis who are directed by the feds to play a role in this pathological society of the spectacle that we are heading into.

There won’t actually really be any neo-Nazis, other than a few True Suckers who are incapable of understanding the obvious. But there will be a group that is on TV, that the media follows around and talks about, and they will then be able to use this group whenever they need to blame something on someone for some purpose within the storyline of the psychodrama.

“The White Supremacist Threat” will fill in all of the gaps that the coronavirus threat is unable to fill in. If there is a curfew, or military on the streets, or people on your street are being hauled away at night – maybe it is coronavirus, maybe it is white supremacists. Maybe it’s coronavirus-infected white supremacists. There is some threat, which means they have to do a thing. Of course, they will also be constantly talking about the Russians and the Chinese, but they need domestic threats, things that are present among you, the goyim.

I hate to do the cliched thing, but this was very present in George Orwell’s 1984. There was a man called “Emmanuel Goldstein” who was supposed to be leading some kind of resistance against Ingsoc. He was never seen, except for on TV, when he is featured in the “Two Minutes Hate,” a part of the day when citizens scream at the hated enemy to remind them why they have to serve the party.

Goldstein, with his very Jewish name, was later in the book revealed to be a fabrication of the party. There was no resistance movement. They simply created a fake resistance movement, so that they could have an excuse to maintain brutal dominance over the population.

“White Supremacists” are going to play the role of The Brotherhood in this unfolding spectacle. What we are seeing with this situation of “White Supremacists” being blamed for riots is a foreshadowing of what is to come. These people already have the script, which is based on the narrative that has already been built around the myth of White Supremacists. If Joe Biden wins the election, you’re going to be hearing a whole lot more about the actions of these ninjaesque White Supremacists.

They are going to prop up figureheads. We already have the situation where, inexplicably, neo-Nazis are still allowed on social media, and that will continue on some level. Maybe they will be kicked off of Twitter and YouTube, but they will still be allowed on the clearnet, so that they can constantly be pointed at. As every other group of right-wingers is rounded up, they will be allowed to operate unhindered, so as to serve the function of the villain of the story which the state is constantly working to root out.

Whatever you do, stay away from these people. Along with being a fake resistance movement, used in the psychodrama, they will also serve as a honeypot to entrap anyone who wants to actually resist.