Bizarre Maneuver: Democrat Party Resurrecting Hated Figures Comey and Clinton

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 1, 2018


Elizabeth Warren cannot run for President. Policy and personality and everything else aside, Trump will just keep pressing for the DNA test to show she’s an Injun, and she has already said she won’t take it.

The bitch lied about being a racial minority in order to gain an advantage in university, and then played it up for political purposes for decades. She started doing this before the advent of DNA tests. There is no way around that situation.

But for some reason, they are trotting her out to talk about running against Trump in 2020.

Meanwhile, the NYT just trotted out James Comey to write an op-ed about Kavanaugh, wherein he demanded a Mueller-style unending investigation of of the SCOTUS nominee’s teenage years, saying that no limit should be put on a background check.

This IS a background check – not a criminal investigation. If it was a criminal investigation, it would be outside of the jurisdiction of the FBI, and would have to be done by the Maryland police.

Not even conservative commenters are pointing this out. Possibly because they don’t know. As Chuck Grassley famously mumbled “ah, I don’t know how we should, ah, this is unprecedented, ah.”

A background check – for what I assume are obvious reasons – always has a time limit.

Comey knows this, and is just lying on purpose because he’s a lying piece of shit. If he was in charge, he would create some kind of meandering journey where the purpose of the investigation kept changing, maybe they would start investigating Kavanaugh’s links to the Japanese Mafia or something.

Or claim that Pizzagate actually is real, and Kavanaugh was in charge of it.

But the point I was trying to make is: why are they bringing this hated figure out, right now?

To be fair, they are bringing everyone out.

This is like a parade of supervillains.

But Comey’s thing is the top story.

So they are making a high-profile connection between support for this lunatic witch hunt and one of the most hated figures in the Democrat/Deep State establishment.

Oh and Who Else?

At the same time, Hillary Clinton simply will not go away – and no one appears to be trying to force her.

I mean, if I was a high-official in the Democrat Party, I would be doing whatever is necessary to get this bitch to shut up and go away. There are mountains of blackmail material on her, obviously. I would do whatever it takes to just move her the hell out.

She just made an appearance on the reboot of the 1990s shitcom Murphy Brown.

This is being celebrated as… I don’t know, whatever.

But look, this is not just weird entertainment cameo reminders of her existence – she is actually out stumping for politicians.

In fact, she is campaigning for the black communist Andrew Gillum.

This is a Bernie candidate.

I guess the thinking is “link the radical black communist to an establishment figure, and maybe that will soften the edge of voting for a Black Panther.”

Or maybe Hillary called him up and asked if she could campaign for him and he was like “yea, yea, we can do dat. But who you be tho? Oh yea, you dat bitch from before. Yea, come out, we makin all da moves down her.”

I don’t know.

But no one appears to be managing any of this at all, let alone competently managing it. I guess this is what happens when you force out white men, to the point where even the Jews themselves are having a hard time steering the ship.

The absolute state of the Democrat Party.

Watch this clip – Negro Van Jones interviews a Somalian and a Latinx about how they are taking over the Democrat Party.

Both the women say that they would vote to impeach Trump, neither of them is able to explain why.

This is absolute chaos.

And it would be so easy to simply blow all of these people the fuck out.

But we have traitors in our midst, disabling us.

The traitor Jeff Flake probably killed the Kavanaugh confirmation with his little trick – hours before going to a globalist festival and talking about a plan to send free money to the whole world, and how he views his job as to undermine nationalism.

We have to win the midterms.

We have to.

All of you need to get registered, get your friends registered, get your extended family registered. You need to take the day off on voting day, and spend the entire time driving people back and forth to the polls.

We are being given an opportunity, due to the chaos of the Democrat Party, to effectively turn our government into a one-party system.

We cannot blow this.