Bizarre Killings: Saudis Think They Can Get Away With Anything

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
October 8, 2018

From what I understand, the Saudis are too lazy to do anything themselves.

Imagine, if you will, a nation of Boomers.

So they import mass slave labor from neighboring brown countries.

Sometimes, they kill these slaves in bizarre and macabre ways.


A bizarre incident has occurred in Saudi Arabia, in which a dead body tied to a bed was discovered in the middle of a road. The victim, who turned out to be an illegal migrant, had been gunned down, according to local police.

Motorists made the chilling discovery 11 km away from the southern Saudi city of Abha late on Thursday. The dead body, wrapped in a blanket, was lying on a cast iron bed without mattress right in the middle of the road, footage from the scene shows.

That’s cool and all.

But there’s a bigger story here about Saudi Arabia.

As columnist Patrick Cockburn recently noted in The Indpendent:

Over the past half century, critics have often predicted the fall of the House of Saud or emphasised the fragility of its rule. They were invariably proved wrong because the Saudi monarchy enjoyed limitless oil revenues, had the support of the US, and avoided becoming a front-line combatant in Middle East crises.

Saudi strengths and weaknesses may have been long debated but the Kingdom’s vulnerabilities have seldom been so starkly on display as they were last Tuesday because the coincidence of two very different events. Before a rally in Mississippi, President Trump stated – brutally and without qualification – the dependence of the Saudi monarchy on US support and the price it must pay for such backing.

“We protect Saudi Arabia,” Trump told the cheering audience. “Would you say they’re rich? And I love the King, King Salman. But I said ‘King – we’re protecting you – you might not be there for two weeks without us – you have to pay for your military’.” Outbursts by Trump tend to be more calculated than they sound and he only humiliates allies in this way when he knows he can get away with it.

Trump’s contemptuous reference to the instability of Saudi Arabia was given greater significance by another dramatic event which happened a few hours earlier some 6,000 miles away in Istanbul. The prominent Saudi journalist and critic of his country’s government, Jamal Khashoggi, failed to emerge from the Saudi consulate where he was doing some paperwork relating to his divorce and impending marriage.

So the Saudis are basically being put on notice by Trump.

And frankly, it’s about time.

It is bizarre that such a crazy regime is tolerated in the modern world. That is, if we are to accept the platitudes of international judeo-liberalism, then how can the House of Saud be tolerated?

The hypocrisy is so apparent that even a regular lefty might be able to see it if he exerted himself.

The Saudis are bombing/blockading Yemen and starving millions of people to death. They fund international terror groups all over the Middle East and they legit practice slavery to this day with poor, even browner migrants.

The man tied to the bed and murdered?

Just another day in Saudi Arabia.

Liveleak is full of videos of Saudis torturing their brown slaves.

And in the same week, they’ve straight-up kidnapped a journalist. A liberal journalist at that. The Turkish government is claiming they killed him inside the embassy.

Astute observers might notice that the kid glove treatment that the Saudis get is only comparable to the Israelis, and even the Israelis are starting to get some flak for indiscriminately murdering random people in Gaza and funding terror in Syria.

Time to end that. Time to put the House built on quicksand on notice.

Trump has already done that.

Keep pushing, Mr. President. Make our displeasure known.

It’s ridiculous that we tolerate some inbred Semites sitting on the biggest oil deposit in the world and collecting rents on it while holding the whole world hostage to their caprices. It’s ridiculous that we tolerate their terror. That we tolerate them driving around in fancy cars, buying up our property and taking shits on our whores when our own vets can’t afford to pay for a whore to shit on.

Let’s annex Saudi Arabia and drive them back into the desert. Then we take the oil wells and distribute them to Trump’s most loyal political allies.

That’s a great campaign promise, no? “Vote for me, and I’ll give you an oil well in Saudi Arabia!”

As for the Saudis, they’ve made their bed, now let them lie in it.