Bizarre Feminist Video Features Little Girls Saying the F-Word

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 23, 2014

The social justice group “Fuck Hate,” usually written “FCKH8,” recently released a bizarre video of little girls repeatedly saying the word “fuck” and talking about getting raped in an apparent attempt gain publicity for their Jewish-Marxist agenda.

With this, it appears that the SJWs have reached the end of the line, openly exploiting little children in a sick and weird manner in order to push their nonsensical agenda.

Listen up, feminists:

There is a reason you get paid less than men to do men’s jobs: you are not men, thus no matter what, you are going to be below the performance level of a man when attempting to perform a man’s job.

You are also an annoying distraction in the workplace, and no one wants you there.

Your attitudes and general behavior are as disgusting as their child abuse video you’ve produced.

With this video, you have demonstrated just how completely unhinged and lacking in basic ethics that you are. No man would do this. Not even a Black man. Admittedly, a Jew probably would, but that just shows how low you stupid whores are: as low as Jews.

What do you expect any normal person to take away from this, other than that you are emotionally unstable to the point of deserving to be locked up, if not simply taken out behind the barn and put down like rabid dogs?

The exploitation of female psychology is the root of Jewish power. It is the point from which all other cultural subversion emanates. Women who have been convinced that they do not require male authority for guidance are the most unhinged and deranged creatures on the planet, having loyalty to nothing and no one, on a mission to destroy for the purpose of destroying.

The behavior represented in making this video is that of a child acting up and begging for discipline and adult guidance. But men have accepted that women do not need their discipline or guidance, and so they refuse to give it, and the women push it further and further, begging and begging to be reprimanded.

At some point, this will have gone to far. I vote for this video being that point.