Bizarre Conspiracy Theory: Richmond Mayor Continues to Claim Riots Started by White Supremacists

These might not look like white supremacists to you, but they’re being investigated by the city of Richmond as such.

If someone is asked what is the craziest conspiracy theory of all, people will probably say “flat earth.” However, there is a conspiracy theory that is a million times crazier than that, and which has been promoted not by internet cranks, but by government officials.

After the initial big riots in Minneapolis at the start of this madness, both the governor and the police chief made the claim that the black people rioting were actually white supremacists. As everyone could see from the video footage that the rioters were black, the apparent implication was that they were wearing rubber masks.

This bizarre claim has continued to be thrown around as riots have happened across the country since those initial events in Minneapolis, but the people saying it have not started looking less deranged.

This is the most extreme conspiracy theory ever put forward by anyone.

Virginia Mercury:

After a night of destructive protests in Richmond involving a torched dump truck, shattered windows, chemical agents and several arrests, Mayor Levar Stoney made a surprising claim.

White supremacists “marching under the banner of Black Lives Matter,” he said Sunday, had “spearheaded” the violence.

“Last night shows that the real hate comes from the racism that is still very much alive in our commonwealth,” Stoney said. “And some have used this moment to still express that hate.”

When asked to elaborate, Stoney deferred to Police Chief Gerald Smith, lingering at the lectern to say it was “certainly spoken of on social media outlets,” an apparent reference to the fact that a few armed white men in Hawaiian shirts — the outfit of the far-right, anti-government boogaloo movement — were spotted in the crowd and denounced by other marchers.

When Smith came up to speak, he said police had identified “some individuals that have been with the boogaloo boys,” as well as others involved in or influenced by the antifa movement, a loosely organized group of far-left activists.

The claim that racists had orchestrated what was ostensibly a pro-Black Lives Matter event quickly drew national attention, fueled partly by a headline posted by a Roanoke-area TV station that paraphrased the officials’ comments as: “Police: Richmond riots instigated by white supremacists disguised as Black Lives Matter.”

Some saw it as confirmation that far-right infiltrators are trying to spark riots and racial unrest amid nationwide outrage over police brutality and the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

But Richmond officials have presented no direct evidence showing white supremacists organized the protest, encouraged violence or participated in any property damage.

Early Tuesday afternoon, The Virginia Mercury asked officials to clarify the basis for the mayor’s comments. As of Wednesday evening, neither the Richmond Police Department nor the mayor’s office had provided additional evidence of white supremacist influence.

In a statement, Stoney spokesman Jim Nolan said the city has information that supports “the conclusion of alt-right involvement” but did not specify what that information is. Police are still investigating, Nolan said, and more arrests are expected.

“Based on police intelligence, the mayor believes the boogaloos and the alt-right played a role in influencing and inciting the events that unfolded Saturday night,” Nolan said. “This does not preclude the known involvement of antifa and other protesters from inside and outside of the city whom police and the mayor believe also played a role.”

An Islamic candidate for Congress actually tweeted out the article, demanding that Donald Trump denounce the white supremacists pretending to be BLM protesters who started these horrible riots in Richmond.

Of course, none of the people who were arrested for the riot appeared to be white supremacists.

The only thing even remotely related to “white supremacists pretending to be BLM” that I’ve seen is that some neo-Nazis support Black Lives Matter because they want to destroy Western Civilization. Richard Spencer has voiced this position. However, that is just him supporting it, which is the opposite of wanting to undermine it.

Look, I’m just going to tell you: I don’t even know what a “white supremacist” is. That is, I’m not aware of anyone who simply wants to hurt black people or other nonwhites in a sadistic way because they hate the color of their skin. I do not believe that such people exist.

I’m supposed to be some kind of top-level “neo-Nazi,” and I don’t think I’ve ever met or communicated with a person who wanted to hurt nonwhites for the sake of hurting them. I’m not a “neo-Nazi,” actually, by any stretch, but everyone who defends white people just gets that label.

I think that Matt Heimbach was a genuine “neo-Nazi,” at least insofar as he was a fat guy who dressed up in a Nazi costume and marched through the streets throwing up Roman salutes and yelling things. As I understand it, that is the definition of a “neo-Nazi.”

Yet, he didn’t want to hurt black people for no reason, and in fact was a total third worldist who would go on rants about how much he loved brown people and how sad he was about the plight of the Palestinians, or Yemeni children, or the South Americans, or whatever. He recently became an Antifa, and I can’t see where any of his rhetoric has changed.

There is no evidence such persons as “white supremacists” actually exist. There is certainly no evidence that they are organized on the level of being able to completely avoid police detection and start large riots in order to make black people and Antifa look bad.

It is utterly deranged to make such claims, but it speaks to something I’ve been talking about recently: if Joe Biden wins, they are going to shut down all opposition media, and this will allow them to make claims such as “these riots were started by white supremacists” and no one will know any different. There will be no ability to question anything that the media says.

Understand: that is the new reality we are going into. A reality where the media can manufacture reality out of nothing, and you have no way of knowing what the actual truth is. They are going to arrest everyone who disagrees with them on “hate crimes” charges, and those who they don’t or can’t arrest will be blocked on the internet.

It’s a good time to remind you to save the Daily Stormer Tor address.