Bizarre CDC Figure Claims Masks Better Than a Vaccine, Then Reverses

These people are just saying whatever and trying to confuse you on purpose. None of them particularly seem to understand what the narrative is supposed to be, beyond “you’re doomed and the only way to survive this total doom is to do whatever the media says, like you’re playing Simon Says.”

This is some kind of scam to make it look like President Trump is pressuring the CDC.

Daily Mail:

CDC Director Robert Redfield has walked back his Senate testimony that masks work better against COVID-19 than vaccines, after Donald Trump called him ‘confused’ and ‘mistaken’ and dismissed his claims a vaccine will not be available until next year.

Redfield told a Senate committee Wednesday ‘this face mask is more guaranteed to protect me against COVID than when I take a COVID vaccine‘ and said a vaccine wouldn’t be widely available to Americans until the second quarter of 2021.

Hours later Trump hit back at Redfield saying the CDC head was ‘confused’ and must have ‘misunderstood’ the question being asked of him.

The president said he had called Redfield to set the record straight and said the CDC boss had agreed he ‘answered that question incorrectly’ about the masks.

Redfield responded on social media Wednesday evening, where he appeared to bow to pressure from the president insisting ‘I 100% believe in the importance of vaccines and the importance in particular of a #COVID19 vaccine’.

The top virologist clarified he meant the current ‘best defense’ against the virus is masks and other ‘mitigation efforts’ while there is no vaccine yet on the market.

Redfield is yet anther obese moron who has fat cells building up in his brain and inhibiting his ability to fire his synapses.

Trump should just abolish the CDC outright. What have these people ever done for anyone?

They obviously have no idea what is going on, if you give the most generous analysis. A more critical view would lead you to believe they are involved in a satanic conspiracy involving New World Order pedophiles and Jews.

Trump should also stop shilling this vaccine, which is designed to alter people’s DNA, probably as some kind of satanist plot.

It’s utterly insane that we have a political system where the president is forced to go along with a load of hysterical gibberish about how everyone is going to die from the flu to get reelected, because the media has total power to lie to the public and agitate them into a state of unhinged mass lunacy.

If you have democracy plus a totally controlled and censored media, what you have is a system that is ruled by whoever controls the media. Surely, this idea is not confusing. Surely, it can be explained to people.