Bitcoin Takeover: Tomahawk “Wall Street” Warren and Fink Musk Can’t Stop the Signal

Tomahawk Warren, also known as Wall Street Warren, is an Indian wagon-burner who was hired by Jew banksters to bring down Bitcoin.

But the joke is on her.

Bitcoin hit $40,000 on Monday due to rumors that Amazon will be accepting it as payment. Then, all of a sudden, Amazon denied the rumors.

It dropped back to $37,000ish.

But the point was made: the bull season is not over, and it will never be over.

We’re going to new all time highs.

Bitcoin will be Wall Street Warren’s smallpox.

Jeff Bezos is going to deliver bigly in order to humiliate Elon Musk, the failed loser who focused all his energies on space and then never went to space because his rockets always explode and he gets crippling anxiety if he is away from his gay dog for more than 47 seconds.

Bezos was focusing on abusing his peasants and dominating the earth through the manipulation of everything, and then he was just like “yo, Ima hit up space rill quik, brb.”

Bezos also doesn’t need hair implants in order to take his hat off. Bezos blasts roids like a boss and shaves his head so he can look more menacing when he threatens his workers about how they have to dispose their piss bottles off-site.

Plus, what else is Bezos going to buy? There is no valid currency in existence, other than Bitcoin. All of this fiat garbage is tied to the dollar, and Donald Trump inflated the dollar by printing 1/3rd of the total supply in less than a year. Now, Biden is saying “hold my beer.”

There has to be money. People have to use money. And Bitcoin is the only money we see.

It doesn’t even matter if Bezos delivers.

There is no possible option here, other than that Bitcoin wins.

Unless China develops a new international digital currency – that could replace Bitcoin. But if China does that, the West will try to cockblock it, and they will have no choice but to endorse Bitcoin.

They’ve burned the fiat. It is now nonviable. The only reason the dollar hasn’t collapsed is that the government has created a strategy of monetizing real estate and stocks.

Someone should tell that to the satanic moron Styxhexenhammer666. He is literally a drooling retard who said that Trump printing 35% of the total money supply in under a year had no effect on the value of the dollar, because he can’t grasp the concept of monetizing real estate and equities.

To be fair, Anomaly also didn’t point out that the money went into stocks and bubbling real estate. But his instincts were right.

The global warming FUD is over.

We’ll see what Tomahawk comes out with next. She could try the rain dance to “rain on our parade.” But the deeper she goes, the more obvious it is that she is just a total banker shill, which isn’t really good for her brand.

Elon Musk crashed and burned his entire brand like an exploding car, and there is zero chance of him recovering it.

People are going to figure out very soon that not everyone on earth is going to buy a Tesla. Currently, the stock valuation of the company is based on that theory. When people start to wake up to that fact, Elon will no longer have an army of shills to defend him.

Elon Musk will go down as the greatest failure in all of humanity’s long and storied history.

Eventually, he will also be sued for vandalizing the sky.

Much gay. Very faggot. So failure at life.

Frankly, I don’t even own very much Bitcoin. These Jews keep coming out and crediting me with owning all these coins I sold years ago, or they’re identifying the wrong addresses – I don’t really understand it. I guess probably they just want to make it seem like I’m rich from “hate,” because they want to run headlines like “hate pays.”

Frankly, linking me and my alleged statements about fat people and the Jews to Bitcoin is also a way to attack Bitcoin. Though that gets kind of confusing, as they are effectively saying that they want to be able to decide who is allowed to use money, which I think scares even normal people. Everyone has seen what happens when the Jews are allowed to decide who can speak, so if they decide they want to start starving people to death by blocking their ability to use money, that could go sideways quickly for a lot of people (including the leftists that are now being targeted as “haters” by the Jews for their views on Israeli baby-killers).

But I do own enough that where this is going, I’m gonna be sitting pretty. All I ever wanted was to live in a one bedroom apartment, drive a jacked up Toyota truck from the 1990s, and eat only beef and salmon and not worry about money. Now I want to own some kettlebells because the gym is either closed or requiring a mask.

The bigger thing for me than any personal gain from Bitcoin, however, is the fact that it is going to completely turn the financial system on its head – and liberate the people, once and for all.

Elon Musk should really just marry Tomahawk Warren.

They can cuddle together under a smallpox blanket with Elon’s gay dog while Tomahawk sucks back Long Island ice teas to the point of coma and Elon literally plays Cyberpunk 2077.

They could do a reality TV show like the Kardashians or those duck people and save both their careers.