Miami Bitcoin Conference Shows That Bitcoin is the Future

Elon Musk has been working hard to destroy Bitcoin, for unknown reasons. At the same time, the Bitcoin community has been working hard to ensure that Bitcoin dominates the earth.

The community came together over the weekend in Miami for a conference to celebrate the good news that is Bitcoin. It’s a good thing Elon Musk and his faggot dog coin didn’t show up, as they likely would have been attacked by a lynch mob.

Who did show up?

The based Cuban freedom mayor.

Max Keiser and Michael Saylor.

Floyd Mayweather (who was booed for saying he made a billion as a no-coiner).

The Winklevoss twins and Anthony Pompliano.

Jack Dorsey and Laura Loomer.

And of course, Ron Paul.

You can watch all of those speeches and brainwash yourself even further into the coin reality.

The incident that summarized the entire event was Max Keiser screaming “FUCK ELON – WE’RE NOT SELLING!”

This is the truth. We are not selling and Elon is now so fucked beyond belief because Anonymous is coming for him.

Looking back, we realize that Elon Musk should have been run out of Bitcoin as soon as he tried to join. He was just attempting to rip us off and make money for his failed company. The Chinese are refusing to buy his low quality cars, and now everyone is going to buy an electric car from the Chinese, because they are much cheaper and much higher quality.

Musk can take his fiat currency, his exploding cars, his ugly satellites and his stupid dog coin and live on Mars.

Bitcoin is going to $250k by the beginning of 2023.

Tesla is going to zero quickly as people realize they would rather buy cheaper and better quality electrical cars from the Chinese.

The Chinese will become especially angry when all of their Elon cars are hacked by Anonymous.

No-coiners will rot on Mars with Elon and his dog that he is known to be gay with.

They will take their ugly satellites to orbit their airless hell.

It is most likely however that on their way to Mars their ship will crash because it has been hacked by Anonymous.