Bitch, You Ain’t White

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 19, 2016

I feel a tremendous amount of guilt for not receiving the same treatment that my fellow Arabs are given. And it hurts me, knowing that I cannot feel the same pain that my people possess.

Here you have a half-haji female sympathizing with the plight of her full-haji racial comrades.

She says she gets away with being White because she’s half White and doesn’t wear hijab and that this isn’t fair.

People just thought she was ugly.

But clearly, her mind and racial soul are 100% haji.

Basically, she’s bragging about the fact she successfully blended in with Whites while harboring deep hatred for them.

Deport the bitch, now, before she runs over a bunch of people with a truck!

This is – of course – from the Portland Community College Whiteness Month Conference.

Someone see if they can dig up this chick’s twitter.

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