Bisexual Nazi Bong Smoker Katie Hill Says She was Considering Suicide After Resigning from Congress

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 8, 2019

I told you all they would make this bitch into a hero, after she had a lesbian affair with her staff member and then got doxed by her husband for smoking bongs naked with her Nazi tattoo showing.

They’re doing that.

Business Insider:

Former Rep. Katie Hill wrote in a New York Times op-ed that she struggled with suicidal ideation in the aftermath of an alleged “revenge porn” incident.

Hill was elected in November 2018 to serve as the US representative for California’s 25th Congressional district. She announced her intent to resign from Congress roughly one year later, after news broke that she had been in a relationship with a campaign aide.

Nude photos of Hill were also published by two media outlets without her consent. Hill said she believes her estranged husband Kenny Heslep was behind the leak, although she notes that he has said he was hacked. Hill and Heslep are divorcing.

“Many people have nightmares in which they’re naked in public, trapped and trying to escape,” Hill wrote. “In the days leading up to my resignation, my life was just like everyone’s worst nightmare.”

Bitch, you’re right.

This picture of a naked 30-year-old woman is literally my worst nightmare.

It’s been in my nightmares since I first set eyes upon it.

Hill said the stress of the situation left her “shaking, crying, throwing up” in the days after the photos were published.

She also said she and her family were also plagued by harassment. Crank callers phoned her, people stalked her relatives, her staffers received “lewd” threats, and someone even sent a letter containing mysterious powder to her office, Hill wrote.

She added that at a certain point she began experiencing suicidal ideation while hiding away in her apartment.

“Suddenly and with total clarity, I just wanted it all to be over,” she said.

Hill said the suicidal thoughts only stopped when she imagined how her family and friends would react to her death.

Here’s the NYT piece, if anyone cares.

It’s just exactly what you would think it was, what is described above: this horrible bitch playing the victim, saying everyone is against her, saying she did nothing wrong, her evil husband leaked the nudes, she felt so vulnerable and afraid, she thought of suicide.

Think of how much better the world would be if this bitch offed herself.

But of course, she wasn’t ever thinking about that. Women virtually never kill themselves, it’s a statistical fact.

We’ve got a big gender gap there.

I’d like to close that gap. But we won’t ever do it. Women are far too egotistical to kill themselves.

Yet they talk about it constantly.

Because everything about a woman is about using her supposed powerlessness as a means to acquire more power.

What she was thinking about when she says she was thinking about suicide was how to claim she was thinking about suicide in order to garner public sympathy.

The best part is, Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks is running for her seat since she resigned, and he’s running on a campaign promise to legalize sex with animals.