Birth of a Dynasty: ALL HAIL EMPEROR XI!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 11, 2018

It doesn’t really matter who Xi Jinping is, what I am interested in is his plan.

A popular, populist leader correcting China’s collision course with “the end of history,” democracy, modernity and decay is a win for the whole world.

And as the old saying goes: a rising tide raises all ships. Rising authoritarianism anywhere is good for people everywhere.


The Chinese National People’s Congress has approved the removal of presidential term limits. The move potentially allows the incumbent leader, Xi Jinping, to remain as president for life.

The constitutional amendment that removes the previous two-term limit was passed by Chinese lawmakers on Sunday. The draft was approved almost unanimously, with only two ‘no’ votes and three abstentions among almost 3,000 delegates of the National People’s Congress, according to Reuters.

Last month, the Central Committee of China’s ruling Communist Party proposed scrapping the constitutional clause limiting the terms of office for the president and vice president. The move marks the first amendment to fundamental Chinese law in 14 years.

When the amendment was still under discussion, US President Donald Trump reportedly praised the move towards a potential “president for life” in China.

“I think it’s great. Maybe we’ll give that a shot some day,” Trump is said to have commented at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida.

There was an overwhelming amount of international pressure being put on China, with the entirety of global Jewry – or as I like to call it, “global globalism” – demanding that they “democratize.”

The Jews want democracy because it is the most corrupt imaginable system. It is corruption perfected. And it allows not simply localized cronyism, but internationalized corruption. Democracy is the circulatory system of globo-kikery, which is not primarily political, but rather primarily cultural and financial.

When you open up to democracy, you are giving Jews permission to come in and buy up everything – then sell it back to you, lacked with poison such as feminism, homosexuality, “human rights,” racial equality and the rest of the Hebrew salad.

China however is not a nation of gullible retards or trusting white cuckolds. It is a nation of calculating insectoid people who will generally just go ahead and look right through you.

Having switched to idiot communism back when that was trendy, the Chinese have been in a decades-long process of system overhaul to create a system that actually works. The obvious end of this process – if one wasn’t being critical – was Western-style Jewmockracy combined with international globo-finance. The country had already begun to enact certain policies designed to pave the way for a transition to this system.

But then

Xi, having been appointed by an almost-kinda-sorta-like-democracy process as “President” was like “hey didn’t we used to have an emperor in this country? What happened with that shit?”

So now they’re like – okay, let’s go ahead and try that.

And what I will tell you is this: I think Xi was concerned about backlash from the supposed “international community,” and Trump promised to support him in exchange for the Korea deal. Clearly, the Korea deal is a result of a lot of dealing (which somehow also included a mild trade war) that probably also has something to do with the South China Sea that we haven’t seen yet (the Philippines’ own president was trying to gtfo of that mess and Vietnam never really gave much of a shit in the first place because they were always just the Puerto Rico of China).

I think the rise to the throne of the NEW EMPIRE OF THE DRAGON was a part of those negotiations.

And now Trump is all joking about how he likes the idea of being president for life. And I’m not sure he’s totally joking. It’s one of those jokes like when I say “I want to stuff Jews into gas chambers, hahahaha, funny right? jk jk lol.”

Trump is positioning himself to be capable of getting around this idiot stranglehold of Jewmocracy, I can tell you that. It is plain as day.

And if the Chinese get an emperor, we deserve one too. It’s only fair.