Birth Control Pollution Continues to Destroy Nature

Daily Stormer
April 6, 2014

What did this fish ever do to you, Loose Lucy?
What did this fish ever do to you, Loose Lucy?

As we humans continue to rage against our own nature, we continue to destroy the natural world.

“Birth control” is a suicidal and insane concept.

Life Site News:

A new report is showing that chemicals in contraceptives, as well as certain everyday products, are producing eggs in male fish in estuaries in a county in Spain.

The report says endocrine disrupting chemicals are seeping into the water and affecting reproductive and developmental processes in fish. Specifically, male fish testicles have been found to have immature eggs. The chemicals are found in products such as pesticides, oral contraceptives, and detergents.

It is suspected that the estuaries are impacted after the chemicals make their way through cleaning systems in water treatment plants and/or because of farming and industrial activities.

Spain has studied the problem in this part of the country for nearly seven years. They have found both masculinization and feminization of organisms, though data is still uncertain as to the effects on the environment.

I understand that some women take these pills for reasons other than a desire to whore around for all infinity.  Though I think these reasons are probably mostly wrong as well.  Unless you have a serious hormonal imbalance – from other chemicals in the environment – you should be able to get yourself well through other means.