Birmingham: 400 Strong Vigilante Mob Begins Street Patrols After Machete Attack

Luis Castillo
Daily Stormer
November 14, 2018

Yesterday was a day like any other in Britain.

Ethnic minorities with swords rampaged through the streets of Birmingham, brutally attacking someone over something or other.

There was no indication that tomorrow would be any different.


A vigilante mob is patrolling the streets of Birmingham in response to a shocking wave of violent crime.

Nearly 400 people have joined the community watchdog group ‘We Stand Determined’, which formed three weeks ago on Facebook after losing trust in their local police.

They are encouraging all its members and the wider community to report any dangers and threats, day or night.

Organisers Wayne, Tracy and Michael founded the group after discovering a friend had been attacked in his home by thieves armed with hammers.

Earlier today, West Midlands Police released a disturbing video of a gang of seven thugs hacking a man on the floor with a machete.

We Stand Determined run twice-weekly patrols across the city, but insist the group is non-violent and seeks to work in partnership with the police, not against it.

Solihull-based college lecturer Wayne, 47, who does not wish to reveal his surname for fears over his safety, thinks crime in the UK is getting out of hand.

Why would he think that?

He said: ‘The way our group started, and the reaction we’ve had, has showed us how much local communities need groups like us to fill in the gaps the authorities simply don’t have the funding for.

‘There has been a recent spate of crime in Birmingham recently and Solihull in particular has fallen victim to an increase of just under 1,500 more cases so far this year.

‘People needed someone to turn to, someone who will listen and visit them in their home if a constituent is fearful for their own safety.

‘We’re vigilantes, but we’re vigilantes with a twist, working within the law and not against it.

‘Our group is a central place for the local community to come together to log crimes, comment and help stop crime in the area.’

Recently, Birmingham has been blighted by a wave of stabbings, shootings and murders.

Wikipedia states that Birmingham is Britain’s most ethnically diverse city, with a 58% White population.

The group has big plans to generate a totally new level of support in the area by organising buddy systems for the elderly and defence classes for anyone who feels unable to protect themselves.

They hope to grow bigger and claim to have representatives based in every area of the country willing to help.

Tracy, 48, said: ‘We stress to our members that if they see something, they should notify the police first.

‘We would like to join up with the police, but we want to be able to make our own decisions on where the help is really needed, and not where the police tell us to be.’

Wayne added: ‘We hope to gather funding to support out future objectives, at the moment we are totally self-funded.

Is it… is it finally happening?

No, it is not yet happening, not really. We appear to be at the “it begins” stage of the happening scale.

Soon, we will be asking why people didn’t listen. We appear to have gotten to the point where police protection in diversified Britain is so inadequate that people have begun to form independent systems to do the work of the government.

This is at an early stage. I do not think that the people who organized this really understand what they are doing – they appear to have just been upset that their friend was beaten in his house with a hammer.

That is usually how things like this begin.

Things do not begin because of socially isolated individuals with radical ideologies taking self-nullifying actions. They begin because of socially connected individuals who share physical space organizing around a non-ideological problem and forming legal organizations.

It just so happens that these are white people, and their problem is black and Arab criminal gangs. They probably didn’t think about that the way we think about those things. Sometimes, you just accidentally create a white organization for racial conflict.