Bipartisanism: Jew-Controlled US Government Sends $3.3 Billion More to Israel

This lovely handmade sign is a few years old. I would Bing it, Yahoo it, or Duck it. Frankly, my philosophy lately has been “duck it all.”

Democrats and Republicans pretend to disagree on everything except one thing: we have to give billions of dollars to Israel.

On May 20, Jew-controlled Republican leader Kevin McCarthy put out an emergency alert (with literal emergency alert emojis in the title) about how Democrats had voted against sending emergency money to the Jews to buy more missiles while they were slaughtering people in Gaza.

The optics of that were unfeasible for the Democrats, which is now the party of brown people and communists, a large portion of both groups being against Israeli warmongering.

Of course, behind the scenes it is just “just chill out for a minute, Schlomo – we’ll get you your money, big guy.”

Honestly, Democrats are much more dishonest than Republicans on the Israel issue, given that a lot of Republican voters still support the Christ-killing Jews because evangelical Judeo-Christianity falsely teaches that Jews are “God’s chosen people.” (Of course, the only reason people believe that is because the Jews paid the rapscallion Cyrus Schofield to write a fake Bible, and then they paid for all these televangelists to go on TV preaching fake Christianity with a fake Bible. In the real Bible, called the King James Bible, you can find that the Jews are cursed for killing Christ. But people do believe it.)

The Jews themselves are overwhelmingly Democrats, because they hate white people and Christianity. But they are a minority of the voting population, being only 2% of the United States (mostly congregated around New York and California, with a fair number in Florida). Israel doesn’t fit into the logic of their communistic support for brown people, given that the Jews are viewed as white people who invaded the Middle East and started slaughtering brown people.

Last week, $3.3 billion was sent to Israel. AIPAC on Friday was bragging about it.

Note the wording: “our ally.” AIPAC is run by Jews, meaning that Israel is not their “ally” – it is their home country. Also, Israel is not anyone’s ally; they attacked our ship and never apologized for it.

There’s a lot I could say about these Jews.

But finally, other people are saying something about it.

Ha! Imagine believing Jews feel shame!

We’re paying for the Jews’ #Medicare4All.

Particularly in the context of the total collapse of the American economy, it looks very strange to be shipping billions to a developed country – which, unlike America, does not have any homelessness, and also has a socialized single-payer healthcare system.

Note: I don’t support Medicare 4 all, and think fat people should be left to die. However, it is just a fact that Israel has a socialized healthcare system. The Democrats and Republicans can say “oh well, we just pay for the military” – but this is retarded. Money is what you call “fungible.” That means you can move it around. The fact that all of Israel’s massive military expenses are paid for by America means that they have extra money for their healthcare system.

If you say, “why doesn’t Israel move to a system of private health insurance and pay for their own military?”, then you are an anti-Semite.

It’s important to not get caught up in some leftist narrative of Palestinian liberation. Some right-wingers have done that and it’s really cringe and gay. But obviously, giving this money to Israel is insane. If they want to kill the Palestinians, they should pay for it themselves.

But remember: leftists will all of a sudden start talking about Jews controlling the media and government if you can get them to talk about Israel long enough. It’s so obvious and people can’t deny it.

So, although I don’t necessarily agree with the third world liberation ideas that the left promotes when they talk about Israel, it is always a good thing to get them talking about anything related to Jews.

Basically: what we need is a situation where instead of the Left and Right competing for who loves the Jews the most, we need them competing for who hates the Jews the most.

Here’s the deal:

Leftist: I hate the Jews in Israel.

Rightist: I hate the Jews who control our government and media.

Leftist: You can’t say that! Those Jews are for liberation!

Moslem: Actually, you stupid white bitch, the Nazi is right: the Jews in America use their control of the government and media in order to support their Zionist state in Palestine.

Leftist: Oh Muhammed, you’re so dreamy. I’d love to slaughter all the Jews with you.

Rightist: [Turns to the camera and winks.]