BioNTech CEO Says Boosters “May Only be Needed Once a Year”

Ugur Sahin

So now you’re supposed to be excited about the prospect of only having one coronavirus shot per year.

This is despite the fact that there is still no evidence of a pandemic or even evidence of a virus.


People around the world will need to get a jab against Covid-19 once a year, at least when it comes to the Pfizer vaccine, BioNTech’s CEO Ugur Sahin said in an interview on Sunday, as he praised the quality of its booster shot.

In an interview with Germany’s Bild newspaper on Sunday, Sahin said he considers the vaccine, co-developed by his company, to be “very effective.”

When asked whether people should be worried about the “breakthrough infections” – in which those vaccinated with the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine still developed Covid-19 symptoms – he dismissed such concerns, saying that the jab offers a “90 percent protection” against cases that require intensive care in those aged over 60.

A “very high” level of protection against severe illness lasts for up to nine months, the BioNTech CEO maintained. He said this level starts decreasing “from the fourth month,” however. To maintain the protection, Sahin strongly pushed for booster shots, arguing that they would not just restore levels of antibodies but would potentially help “to break … chains of infection.”

No one will ever note that this guy is making money for every booster shot.

It’s amazing that the people selling you these drugs are now the experts on how many you need to buy.

He also encouraged doctors to be “as pragmatic as possible” when it comes to greenlighting vaccination and “not to send people home unvaccinated even though they could be vaccinated without any problems.”

In the future, people might need to get booster shots once a year, the BioNTech CEO believes. He said that he expects protection from a booster shot to “last longer” than the initial immunity one acquires after getting two doses of the vaccine.

Subsequent … vaccinations may only be needed every year – just like [with] influenza,” he said. Currently, the German Federal Center for Health Education – an agency subordinated to the Health Ministry – recommends a booster shot six months after one gets the second dose of a vaccine. It also says that “booster vaccination makes sense after a minimum interval of about four months.”

Based on all information, there is no way that annually is going to be enough to keep these spike protein antibodies. The latest data from The Science says that they only last for four months.

Of course, it doesn’t really matter, because they’ve already announced that they’re going to create a huge number of other mRNA vaccines and make you take all of those. So people are going to be getting vaccines at least 4 times a year. They are just going to fill you up with these shots, and they’re going to turn off your vaccine passport if you refuse any of them.

I said this before the vaccine was ever released. It’s truly amazing how pathetic human beings are.

We can only hope that every single moron sheep that took this vax dies sooner rather than later, so the people who have maintained basic human dignity inherit the earth.