Binge Drinking Helps Men Woo Women, Study Finds

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
October 7, 2019

When women are allowed to choose who they’ll have sex with, men enter stupid competitions to please the jury.

Daily Mail:

It may seem an uncouth way to spend the evening, but binge drinking could be an evolutionary tactic to woo women, say scientists.

Research suggests that heavy consumption of alcohol tells a potential mate that the binge drinker is ‘healthy and strong’.

According to the authors of a study of American men published in the academic journal Evolutionary Psychology, heavy drinking among young adults delivers a ‘sexual signal’ that demonstrates their worth.

And the amount of drinking is influenced by the number of eligible men present compared to women.

The researchers wrote: ‘More eligible men compared to women was associated with higher male binge drinking rates but lower female binge drinking rates.

‘Our findings generally support predictions derived from evolutionary theory and suggest binge drinking may function as a costly sexual signal, conditionally regulated by age and the local sex ratio.’

Men entering stupid competitions are playing stupid games, and men playing stupid games often win stupid prizes.

Study Finds:

Put the beer down if you’re ready to start a family. According to a new study, men planning to conceive a child should stop drinking alcohol six months before conception to protect against heart defects in their future child. Moms-to-be aren’t off the hook either, with researchers recommending they abstain from alcohol even longer before conception than would-be fathers.

Researchers from Central South University in Changsha, China say that if a father-to-be is drinking alcohol three months before conception, or during the first trimester of a pregnancy, their child will have a 44% higher risk of congenital heart disease. Alcohol consumption during that same time period among prospective mothers was associated with a 16% higher risk.

Furthermore, binge drinking three months before conception was associated with an even higher birth defect risk; 52% among men, and 16% for women. For the purposes of the study, binge drinking was defined as five or more drinks in one sitting.

All in all, Dr. Qin says the results of the study suggest that couples planning to start a family should stop drinking well before conception in order to give themselves the best chance of avoiding congenital heart disease and other birth defects. Dr. Qin recommends that prospective fathers cut alcohol consumption at least six months before conception, and moms-to-be should do the same a full year before conception. Of course, once pregnant, women should also abstain from alcohol, but that is a much more widely known recommendation.

These recommendations may sound excessively cautious at first glance, but consider the fact that congenital heart disease is among the most common birth defects the world over, with over one million newborn babies afflicted each year. These defects can lead to more serious cardiovascular diseases later on in life, and unfortunately, congenital heart disease is also the number one cause of perinatal death.

So much for signaling how “healthy and strong” you are.

These “evolutionary” theories of mate selection are all flawed and tainted by the modern, feminist point of view of women being active actors with actual agency.

Women don’t naturally select mates. They are literally incapable of selecting a mate in a natural environment because they are literally incapable of resisting a male in a natural environment.

To be able to select something, you have to be able to reject something else.

Women are just physically incapable of rejecting anything a man wants to force on them.

Women “selecting” sexual partners nowadays is a consequence of men having been brainwashed into accepting women as equals and treating them with respect.

We have ridiculous structures in place to pretend that women are “pulling their own weight” in the workforce while men are doing the real work behind the scenes.

Letting women choose results in congenital heart disease and the kind of widespread degeneration that you can see everywhere today. It’s dysgenic.

We should embrace the natural order and take back control of our women.