Billionaire Populist Andrej Babis Wins Elections in Czech Republic

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
October 22, 2017

The Czech Republic held elections on Saturday. The billionaire populist Andrej Babis won by a significant margin putting him in position to form a coalition government. His victory marks a wholesale rejection of the existing political establishment which has ruled over the country for the past 25 years.


The Czech Republic stood on the brink of a populist new era on Saturday , after voters heavily backed a billionaire businessman who has drawn comparisons with Donald Trump, while overwhelmingly rejecting establishment parties.

Amid public disdain towards “politics as usual”, the ANO (Action for Dissatisfied Citizens party) led by Andrej Babis, the country’s second-richest man, won 30% of the vote, according to projections, with nearly 95% of all ballots counted. That leaves ANO – which means yes in Czech – as the biggest party in parliament and in prime position to form a coalition government.

While Babis doesn’t support an immediate pull-out from the European Union, he’s a hardliner on the migrant question.

Perhaps even more interesting than the Babis win is that the anti-EU, anti-migrant SPD won 11 percent of the vote. Weirdly enough, the party is led by a half-Japanese entrepreneur by the name of Tomio Okamura. He’s a fairly hardcore dude though. He’s previously encouraged Czechs to walk pigs by mosques. All Czech pig owners should definitely consider doing this. Like any other pet, pigs need to stretch their legs and get proper exercise.

It’d be great if the SPD helped form a coalition government with Babis but that might not be his first preference.

All this remains to be seen though. Babis is facing fraud charges which he says are trumped up accusations made for political purposes. The charges have led the two previous mainstream parties to openly state their unwillingness to join him in a coalition. So this means that he might need the SPD’s help to form a government.

Another item of note is that the Czech Pirate Party also ended up winning around 11 percent of the vote. This is just more evidence showing that the election completely upended the existing political order. It’s a total game changer for Czech politics.

What this proves is that populism in Europe is gaining momentum. Everything is moving in the direction we want and that’s a good thing.