Billionaire Jew Paul Singer Plots to Take Over Twitter and Fire @jack

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
March 2, 2020

Paul Singer is a Jewish billionaire who wants to make sure all major social media sites are directly run by Jews.

As most of you reading this site already know, all the big social media sites are dominated and controlled by Jews. This is just a fact that anybody can confirm by looking through Wikipedia entries and doing a few quick search engine queries.

Facebook’s CEO is the Jew Mark Zuckerberg, YouTube’s CEO is the Jew Susan Wojcicki and YouTube’s parent company Alphabet is controlled by the Jews Larry Page and Sergey Brin, who co-founded Google. This is quite the feat for a group of people who only represent two percent of the American population.

The only big social media site that is not directly controlled by a Jew is Twitter, whose CEO is Jack Dorsey. However, a billionaire Jew named Paul Singer is seeking to change that so every major social media site is directly controlled by members of the tribe.

The Guardian:

A major Republican donor has purchased a stake in Twitter and is reportedly seeking to oust its chief executive, Jack Dorsey.

Bloomberg News first reported that Elliott Management has taken a “sizable stake” and “and plans to push for changes at the social media company, including replacing Dorsey”.

Paul Singer, the billionaire founder of Elliott Management, is a Republican mega-donor who opposed Donald Trump during the real-estate magnate’s run for the presidential nomination but has since come onside.

After a White House visit in February 2017, Trump said Singer “was very much involved with the anti-Trump or, as they say, ‘Never Trump’, and Paul just left, and he’s given us his total support and it’s all about unification”.

Singer made his billions by engaging in all sorts of Jewish financial trickery. One of his scams involved him buying up sovereign bonds of countries close to default. He would then deploy an army of Jewish lawyers into their court system to demand that they fully pay him the interest that they owed.


Fortune magazine described Singer as one of the “smartest and toughest money managers” in the hedge fund industry.[11] A number of sources have branded him a “vulture capitalist”, largely on account of his role at EMC, which has been called a vulture fund.[4][13][14][15] He has been criticized for ruining the town of Sidney, Nebraska by forcing Cabela’s to close.[16] The Independent has described him as “a pioneer in the business of buying up sovereign bonds on the cheap, and then going after countries for unpaid debts.”[17] In 1996 Singer began using the strategy of purchasing sovereign debt from nations in or near default—such as Argentina,[11][18][19][20] and Peru[17][21][22]—through his NML Capital Limited[17] and Republic of the Congo through Kensington International Inc.[15] Singer’s practice of purchasing distressed debt from companies and sovereign states and pursuing full payment through the courts has led to criticism.[20][23] Singer and EMC defend their model[4] as “a fight against charlatans who refuse to play by the market’s rules”,[18] and supporters of the practice have said it “help[s] keep kleptocratic governments in check.”[24]

Legal or not, Singer’s so-called business activities were extremely unethical and thus extremely Jewish. This in and of itself gives us some good insight into the type of person who is plotting to take over Twitter.

Of course as we know, Twitter already bans and censors anybody the Jewish Anti-Defamation League wants, so even if Dorsey is forced out by Singer, no significant changes will happen. Twitter is already controlled by Jews but in an indirect capacity.

Singer is only trying to take over Twitter as an act of Jewish nepotism. He was originally a never-Trump Republican and promotes LGBTQP nonsense. So based on that, we can safely say that he is not trying to take over the company to make any significant policy changes as it pertains to free speech.

It is however important to understand what’s going on here and to understand just how much these major social media sites are dominated by Jews. The biggest reason why we don’t have free speech on these sites is because of these people. So if you are angry at the lack of free speech on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter you should be upset with these Jews. You should be asking why this one group of people has so much power over these important means of communication.