Bill Gates Says Farting Cows are One of the Biggest Problems We Face

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
February 18, 2019

CNN recently uploaded a video of Bill Gates talking about farting cows being one of the culprits of the allegedly upcoming climate apocalypse.

Start at 0:33

Here’s a partial transcript:

Animals that can eat grass have very unusual stomachs that have these huh bacteria that are methanogenic in there so they leak uh natural gas both out the front and the back uh and some people said “well, let’s change the hay or throw some things in there” uh it’s been nobody knows how to get rid of –

Nobody knows how to get cows to stop farting.

Exactly, or burping uh and so there is artificial meat but that’s at a very early stage but that’s another big source of greenhouse gas emission so you know I’m just trying to make sure that the people who acknowledge the problem – which I think is fantastic – that they understand the breadth of innovation required before you can get anywhere near what we have to do which is zero. If it was a 50 percent reduction then you could ignore “okay, leave the cows alone” uh uh but because we’re trying to avoid the temperature continuing to go up you do need to go to zero otherwise you’re – you continue to have temperature increase.

The push for veganism continues, and it manifests itself in many different forms. It was first about compassion, then it was about health, and now it’s about stopping the Apocalypse.

Of course, they will never tell you about the magic that the feces that comes out with the farts does for land. You could literally green a desert simply by releasing cattle to poop the place up.

They are desperate to get people off of animal products and on an exclusively “plant-based” diet. They’ve been pushing towards that decades before even mentioning “global warming.”

From the food pyramid to nutritionists and health magazines, everything pushes grains as healthy foods and now, most recently, the so-called plant-based diet, which is nothing more than a spin-off of veganism focused on health and scientific arguments instead of moral arguments and shaming.

The reality is that a developed adult can switch to a vegan diet and survive on it for an undefined period of time, although evidence and internet anecdotes suggest the body starts to noticeably break down after a year or two.

It’s important to note that most of these plant-based diets emphasize the need for low-fat consumption, so most of them are low-fat diets. They back that up mostly by cardiac disease trials and studies that allegedly show that a low-fat plant-based diet can reverse heart disease, but just as children hypnotized with new toys, they fail to see the bigger picture and separate what could be considered a drastic measure to cure a disease from what is needed to be healthy and fully develop oneself as a human.

Most of the people suffering from heart disease are not eating healthy diets, yet these vegan doctors blame animal products for heart disease, and thus once their patients are cured they insist they keep their low-fat plant-based diet when the sensible thing to do would be to introduce healthy, non-processed animal products even if in small amounts, since the research on longevity shows that the regions with the eldest and healthiest people — the so-called Blue Zones — eat mostly unprocessed plant and animal foods.

When confronted with these facts, vegan doctors are likely to highlight how people in Blue Zones usually eat little animal foods compared to the West, and how they eat mostly plants, and they take that to the extreme suggesting that their longevity is only because of the plant foods they eat and assume that the less animal foods the better.

That point of view fails to consider that animal foods are likely to play a key role in human health when eaten unprocessed and in a certain quantity, which evidences their agenda. They refuse to measure ingestion of healthy animal food in the context of a healthy unprocessed diet, and they double down on their mantras.

Don’t fall for their tricks. Eat a healthy diet, like your ancestors ate. White people are a minority in the world, why should we jeopardize our health in a futile attempt to save the planet when no one else will follow suit?

China, Africa, and India have the bulk of the world population and contribute the most contamination to the oceans and to the planet as a whole.

Let them eat grains if they want.