Bill Gates Released Video Featuring Pizzagate Satanist on Good Friday

What we know about Bill Gates is that he is a creepy weirdo who is only 64 and yet somehow looks 94.

Last week was the Christian holy week, and our ability to celebrate that was taken from us by a bizarre “virus lockdown” agenda.

Bill Gates is probably the most powerful and aggressive promoter of this virus lockdown scheme. He is not a doctor, or a scientist, and in fact did not even graduate college. But as the founder of Microsoft, he has used his wealth to promote hysteria over viruses.

In actual fact, Bill Gates has worked with and given large sums of money to Anthony Fauci, the government’s main virus hysteria-promoter. Fauci is on record being on the “leadership council” of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation projects going back to at least 2010. It is clear that Gates is the one driving the narrative that Fauci is presenting.

Fauci is Gates’ man in the White House.

The Gates Foundation has basically been pulling the strings behind every international health organization, steering them towards dumb hysteria over viruses.

Gates has made himself a large public figure during this virus, going on talk shows and informing people about what they will or will not be allowed to do in the future. This is despite the fact that he is not a government official, and has no authority to tell anyone to do anything. Apparently, he is simply confident that governments will take whatever he says, and turn it into policy.

His agenda is totally not clear at all. He must surely understand that this is all a hoax, and that this virus is simply the flu, because he is the one who staged all of this. The go-to explanation for his behavior is that he’s an environmentalist who wants to reduce the global population by forcibly injecting people with vaccines that cause cancer. However, that is pure speculation.

What is not speculation is that on Good Friday, while we were all locked up on the orders of Bill Gates, Bill Gates’ Microsoft released an advertisement featuring the prominent Pizzagate Satanist Marina Abramovic.

Longtime readers will remember that Abramovic featured prominently in the Pizzagate scandal, after emails from John Podesta revealed that he and his people attended “spirit cooking” events held by Abramovic, which are bizarre satanic rituals involving blood being smeared across walls.

Abramovic is involved in all kinds of different satanic rituals with the Hollywood elite, putting on ritual events involving simulated cannibalism and murder and calling them “performance art.”

Here’s a video of a satanic event she put on with Lady Gaga in 2013.

Although the mystery of Pizzagate was never fully revealed, and the whole thing became simply stupid once the boomers got ahold of it and spun it into QAnon gibberish, we do know that a code referring to sex with children was used in the Podesta emails.

We also know that this child sex agenda was connected to Comet Ping Pong, where the homosexual owner posted images on Instagram indicating pedophilia was taking place at his establishment.

We also know that Podesta had links to this woman, a satanist, who is now being promoted by Bill Gates, on Good Friday, during the Bill Gates lockdown when we cannot celebrate Good Friday.

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Microsoft deleted the video from YouTube after a backlash, and it should be said that the video was bland and did not contain the usual open satanism that Abramovic usually presents. It was an ad for the Microsoft VR headset, which Christie’s is using to present an Abramovic project.

But the idea that this was released as a coincidence is totally impossible.

Gates was sending some kind of a message with this.

This woman always sends a message.

The theory that he is an environmentalist simply trying to reduce the population by injecting people with cancer-causing vaccines has never made sense to me. There would be so many easier ways to reduce the population, which is only expanding in third world countries, if your motives were purely environmental. Inventing virus hoaxes in order to create fake lockdowns in order to inject people with cancer vaccines is convoluted and doesn’t really even accomplish the goal. Giving people vaccines that take fifteen years off their lives doesn’t do anything to stop Africa’s population explosion.

It makes much more sense that Bill Gates is a satanic pedophile, and this relates to that agenda.

WHO has already announced that they’re going to start pulling children out of their homes and putting them in state custody, because if they remain at home, they could be infected by the virus.

This entire situation only makes sense in the context of a strange agenda, and I believe we may have found it.