Bill Gates Might Not Allow Us to Have Any Social Events Ever Again

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 6, 2020

I don’t believe in vaccine-autism. I used to entertain it, but I’ve come to the conclusion it is not a thing.

However, I think it is clear that vaccines are doing something harmful to people, because Bill Gates is obsessed with them, and Bill Gates is clearly pushing some kind of depopulation agenda.

Gates has been making the rounds talking about the Coronavirus – which he is supposed to be an expert on, even though he is not a medical professional (he never even graduated college), and the only thing on his resume is stealing mediocre software and then lobbying to establish a monopoly on his stolen mediocre software.

To his credit, Bill Gates is the most erotic figure in Silicon Valley. More so than even Jeff Bezos.

Whatever the case, he’s now apparently the boss of the world, and in a recent interview he told us, the masses of proles, that we might not be allowed to have social interaction again until we get more vaccines.

I’m not really against population control. I have argued for releasing biological weapons to wipe out third world populations. However, the kind of thing he is apparently trying to do is just randomly wipe people out. He’s got an anti-racist take on population control. I am against this, and Gates is really a creepy weirdo who should not be allowed to tell anyone what to do.

Bill Gates is also probably a satanic pedophile. He is a vegan and he looks like he’s 84 years old, even though he’s allegedly only 64.

64? Really?

He’s actually aged worse than any other public figure that I’m aware of. This is what veganism has wrought.

The fact that people are actually taking anything this man says seriously is a testament to why we are in this situation to begin with.