Bill Gates Invites Jeff Bezos for Birthday Party on Mega-Yacht

When our masters are happy, I’m happy.

I might have had my entire life destroyed by a virus hoax, but I’m really glad that Bill and Jeff are still able to enjoy themselves, given all they did to help us make it through this deadly virus pandemic that has killed so many hundreds of millions of people.

Bill Gates actually invented the idea of a lockdown as a solution to the virus. In the entire history of the world, no one had ever thought of doing that before.

Then Jeff Bezos made it possible, because when all those small businesses had to shut down because of orders by Gates employee and government overlord Anthony Fauci, Amazon took up the fight and continued selling products when no one else was allowed.

Without these two men, we’d all be dead.

Business Insider:

Bill Gates, formerly the richest man in the world, invited fellow super-rich billionaire – Jeff Bezos – to a private birthday party in a Turkish cove near Bodrum, according to local media.

The Microsoft founder, who has an estimated net worth of $136bn, celebrated his 66th birthday with Bezos and 50 other guests at Sea Me Beach in Fethiye, beside the Mediterranean, on Wednesday, the Turkish newspaper Daily Sabah reported.

Guests were helicoptered from Bill Gates’s megayacht, Lana, to the secluded and picturesque cove. He is currently renting the yacht for 1.8 million euros per week, according to reports.

The yacht has a gym, jacuzzi, beach club, and swimming pool, the Turkish newspaper Yeni Safak reported.

So these guys are friends, huh?

Partying together?

That’s nice. I hope they didn’t make them wear masks.

I’m sure these two saviors of the modern age have a lot of shared interests.