Bill Gates Dumps the Coronavirus, Prepares for His Next Virus Hoax

Bill Gates is a bold man.

He wasn’t bold enough to keep his wife in check, but he is bolder than most men.

For example, I wouldn’t have the nerve to fake this entire virus hoax and then come out and say it was really sad that someone destroyed the economy with a virus hoax.


The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, whose advice guided much of the global response to the Covid pandemic, has seemingly washed its hands of one virus while warning the world isn’t prepared to deal with the next big pandemic.

The foundation’s annual report, released on Tuesday, bemoaned the poverty increases wrought “by Covid-19” – omitting that much of the damage linked to the virus stemmed from economic shutdowns imposed by governments which were often taking their advice from the Gates Foundation and associated entities.


However, the report ultimately put an optimistic spin on the damage, noting things could have been much worse. Childhood vaccinations had only dropped half as much as predicted, and some wealthy countries’ economies were already on the rebound, it noted. The mRNA vaccine companies were seeing the light and investing in Africa and other impoverished areas of the world, the report added, after presumably realizing how much economic opportunity awaited them there.

Placing its well-known vaccine evangelism front and center, the foundation’s report credited extensive vaccine infrastructure (much of which it has helped fund over the preceding decades) for the world’s success in fighting the virus, even as the companies behind the headline-grabbing mRNA formulas have admitted they do not prevent Covid-19 transmission and might require additional booster shots.

But the report mostly treated Covid-19 as a thing of the past, all but declaring victory over the virus and calling attention to the need to step up long-term infrastructure investments so as to be prepared for the next pandemic. Many countries are still knee deep in Covid-19 cases, while others have kept the virus under control but had their economies wrecked or given up many freedoms in the process.

Ironically, the foundation warned readers against such efforts to move on from the recovery effort, writing of the “very real risk that high-income countries and communities will begin to treat Covid-19 as another epidemic of poverty: Not our problem.” However, high-income countries – specifically the English-speaking Five Eyes nations – have shown no sign of growing weary of the social controls Covid-19 has allowed them to introduce, indicating the virus (or at least fear of it) may hang around for a good while yet.

Wow, RT is pretty hardcore on this Gates issue.

I thought for a second there I was reading one of my own articles.

But then I realized that I never read the Gates report.

I saw the picture at the top of it and it looked like some “black girl does grandpa porno” and it just made me sick.

Maybe I’m just a product of a sick culture, but that image looks gross to me. It looks like that gross old man is saying “what about anal? You ever tried anal?”

What is even supposed to be the context? He’s talking to her about coronavirus? Why’s he making that face like that?

Anyway, so I saw that header, and I said you know what, I would rather read more classic X-Men comics. I found some digital copies with the colors retouched and it’s just – wow, this stuff is truly amazing. Cyclops is so tortured by his perfectionism. It’s really no wonder Jean doesn’t respect him. He doesn’t respect himself.

Bill Gates is an amazing man. It truly is fantastic the way he became a billionaire through fraud and nepotism, forcing everyone on earth to use his very low quality software by contracting with the government to create a state-enforced monopoly, and then used all those ill-gotten gains to bribe every single virologist and epidemiologist in the world with grants, then told all of these people to go along with a gigantic hoax to strip everyone of their freedoms, collapse all small businesses, and create a global medical tyranny.

People will say “all of the epidemiologists and virologists agree that this is a new virus and it’s seriously real” and I’m like “yeah well, how many of them have gotten grants from Bill Gates?”

The answer of course is “all of them,” which kind of makes the question irrelevant. You basically have a situation where the actual claim is: “all of Bill Gates’ employees agree that Bill Gates is right.”

You think that’s an exaggeration or something. It’s really not. Fauci got huge amounts of money from Gates, and was put on all of these boards. Neil Ferguson was in the same boat. But it’s much bigger than that. Just go look at the list of grants on the Gates website. There are tens of thousands of grants to universities and other labs all over the world.

Seriously, go look at the list.

Someone photoshop Anthony Fauci’s face on this stripper, with Gates throwing bills at him.

What’s more, virology and epidemiology are now fields that people join in order to get money from Bill Gates. It’s a bit like “climatology,” which is a fake science invented by the United Nations. I mean, it’s not quite as extreme as Climatology, but almost.

None of this is secretive. It’s all right out there in public. But at this point, people will believe the media before they will believe their own lying eyes. There’s no evidence of any pandemic, but they just believe it because it was in the media.

It’s just so nuts to imagine people looking at Bill Gates and saying “we are so blessed that this man loves us so much that he’s willing to care for us.”

Never mind the billions he made personally by collapsing the middle class.

Seriously – Bill Gates’ net worth went from $100 billion to $130 billion in 2020 as a result of the “pandemic.”

So what normies actually believe is this:

  • Bill Gates loves us and just wants to save us from the flu, because we’re his little biddy babies and he’s our sweet mommy, and also
  • By pure coincidence, while Bill Gates was saving us out of a moral imperative (a mommy’s love for his little babies), he made $30 billion.

Can you imagine living in the brain of someone who thinks like that?

Although, actually, “thinks like that” is something of a misnomer. It is more that they do not think, and simply absorb and adapt to whatever seems normal. People are social, so they will believe what they believe other people believe. The media is able to set the baseline of what people believe.

The fault is with the Elect, who have given up their role in defending the people from satanic predators.

If you understand this stuff, you have a duty to fight, and to defend the masses of people.

Of course, you will suffer for that.

But what is the meaning of life?

Why are we here at all, if not to fight?

If you are not here to fight in the name of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, then your purpose must only be to experience pleasure. If that is the case, you should do that – you should go all the way with the Will to Power. There is no reason to lollygag about. Go all in.

I would prefer to fight, that I might be rewarded after death.