Bill Gates Divorce Propaganda: Talking to Women, Throwing Nude Parties

“In the darkness, he became the spirit of the darkness.”

Elon Musk needs to jump on this and accuse Bill Gates of creating too much carbon dioxide with his nude sex orgies.

All that huffing and puffing is making the air too hot, Bill!

Time to pay the price – collapse Microsoft stock to keep a cool breeze blowing through the willows!

But seriously though – this is just divorce propaganda.

Melinda Gates is smearing the weirdo Bill Gates as a sex pervert, even though it is clear from his physical form that he has lower testosterone than she does.

Have you seen his vulturelike posture?

Have you seen the way his hand just flops around on his wrists like tetherballs?

Have you seen the fact that he is 65 but looks like he’s 87?

Someone with testosterone that low doesn’t really have any sexuality, unless he is a pedophile or a furry.

The woman is a liar.

All the men who claim that to keep a marriage together “you just have to be alpha” need to check what exactly is going on in their brains.

Divorces of the last couple years:

  • Brad Pitt (world #1 sex symbol)
  • Johnny Depp (world #2 sex symbol)
  • Ben Affleck (world greatest actor of all time)
  • Jeff Bezos (world #1 richest person)
  • Bill Gates (world global overlord person)
  • Derek Chauvin (world champion animal control manager)

Also, this rich super-sized Jew was divorced by a mutated geriatric cancer patient:

Furthermore: every man you know is either:

  • Never married
  • Divorced
  • In the process of divorce
  • Completely controlled by his wife

Don’t lie.

Everyone knows this is true.

Just because the media doesn’t talk about it doesn’t mean it isn’t obviously, self evidently true that virtually every marriage that took place after the year 2000 (and most of them that took place before that) is going to “fail” when a woman decides she’s bored.

Understand this: women do not care about you. They do not care about family. They do not care about their children. The single thing that a woman cares about is being entertained. Period. The end. Nothing else.

In the case of women, “entertained” means more broadly “doing something that makes them the focus of attention.”

Sex can entertain women, children can entertain women.

What’s more: destroying a marriage can entertain women.

Men think they can get married and it’s settled – well, sorry, this is no longer a Christian society, you can’t beat your wife or you’ll go to prison, and if you simply try to live normally, the woman will start harassing you and going ape. She will start pushing your buttons, trying to get you to snap, because the conflict excites her.

It excites her when her friends tell her what a victim she is, and how her husband is so mean, and how she doesn’t need him.

The adventure of the post-divorce excites her as much as the divorce itself.

You need to understand all of this.

Stop thinking you’re going to beat the house.

If you’re going to get married, you need to keep the woman in a constant state of fear, uncertainty and doubt.

Sadly, that is mostly impossible. Maybe the solution is to keep her constantly pregnant?

I don’t know.

What I do know is this: you need to keep your money HIDDEN. Do not let her know the money exists. Make her think you’re broke by faking a gambling addiction or something. Of course, she will leave you because she thinks you’re broke, but she was going to leave you anyway!

The only solution to America is JESUS CHRIST.

There is no other solution. You cannot make a society work without God. If you try, you end up with gay anal tranny children, replacement immigration, a massive destructive flu hoax, race riots, and a 100% divorce rate.

People have accused me of being more vocally religious over the last couple of years as a way to boost morale. If I was doing that, I don’t see how it would be bad. In part I am obviously doing that. But I’m also just telling you as a matter of scientific fact: society cannot work without religion.

Do you know the etymology of the word? “Religion” means “to bind together again.”

Yes, you have to believe that Jesus walked on water and was born of a virgin. But the purpose of believing that is to surrender yourself to the higher power of God. People claim that “science” overtook religion, but this is actually retarded. Firstly, everyone in ancient times knew walking on water or a virgin birth was physically impossible. You don’t have to understand atoms or genetics to know that this is impossible.

Think about it: There was no point at which sperm was discovered in a microscope and then someone said “Jesus couldn’t have been born of a virgin because there wouldn’t be any sperm!” Everyone already knew that pregnancy is a result of semen injection. Primitive cave people in Africa know this (although to be fair, some anthropologists have argued that at the time the white man arrived in Australia, the Abos had not yet made the connection between sex and pregnancy, and believed sex was just a fun thing and pregnancy was a random event).

Believing in the miracles of Christ is part of the surrender to God. That’s why Christ performed the miracles in the first place. He said it while He was doing it: “I do this so that you will believe.”

To relate this back to the marriage problem: believing in a higher power that can control reality itself is what binds people together. It is what binds a nation together and it is what binds a family together. If you do not believe in that higher power, you can do anything of your own will.

This is why I’ve told you: evangelicals like the greedy plastic surgery hag Joyce Meyer preaching the “Gospel of Divorce” are not actually Christians. People who put the material world first, who put their personal happiness first, do not actually believe God is in control. They have not surrendered their will to Him. They can make whatever claims they want, but “Evangelical Judeo-Christianity” is ultimately just a Jewish scam and a money racket.

You will know them by their divorce rate.

These churches literally preach divorce!

This is to say: Judeo-Christianity is a fake religion, which is why it failed so miserably to serve as the custodian of our civilization. It failed the basic task of family. No other task can be accomplished once you’ve failed at that.

Any smart person is free to try to explain how you build a society without families, but no person on earth can explain how you build families without religion.

Speaking of which…

What if Melinda was the power behind the throne and after the divorce Bill Gates turns good?

Freed from the claws of this satanic parasite, maybe he’ll turn against the Illuminati and fight against the vaxx agenda?

No but seriously: with this bitch gone, he’s just going to have more time to devote to his diabolical agenda. Obviously, the divorce was the bitch’s fault. Every divorce is the bitch’s fault, just like every single time Adam ate of the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil it was the bitch’s fault.

But Bill Gates, like the Judeo-Christians and other servants of the Jews, has given himself over to the spirit of a woman.

The solution to his problem would have been to forgive his mother.

But it’s too late for that now.