Bill Gates Announces That Omicron Marks the Beginning of the Worst Part of the Pandemic Yet

If Lord Fauci is Cobra Commander, then Bill Gates is Serpentor.

(We do not use Star Wars analogies on this website anymore, on principle.)

When Serpentor is in total control of every lever of power in your government, you probably want to go ahead and pay attention to what he’s saying.

He’s now saying that, despite his previous claims that the “pandemic” was almost over, we are now entering the worst part ever of this alleged pandemic.

He is announcing new orders for the peasants.

Interestingly, no one is allowed to reply to these tweets.

But I suppose it is fitting that none should be allowed to question the ultimate ruler.

Especially not random peasants.

After all, Bill Gates is the closest thing to a god that walks this earth.

He made our new world in his own image.

The plan is what I said the plan was. We saw with Biden’s speech that there are no restrictions being announced before Christmas. They are going to allow you your Christmas travel, then they’re going to blame you for spreading the Omicron, then they’re going to bring down the hammer.