Bill Cosby Drugs and Rapes Own Lawyer in Courtroom Bathroom

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 16, 2017

Nah just joking.

But this trial is ongoing.

I guess it’s a pretty big deal, but we’ve written so much about the “turns out the nigger who told niggers to stop acting like niggers is a complete nigger” angle of this… that I just don’t really feel like doing it right now.

It’s like the Israeli double-standards thing.

But for new readers:

  • Bill Cosby was the star of a TV show designed by Jews to make black “people” look like normal people.
  • He started to believe he actually was that guy, made it his bit to go around telling black “people” to start acting like people.
  • Turns out, he was doing the favorite activity of the nig-nags the whole time: rape of white women.

So basically, what I’m telling you here is, there are only two true magic Negroes: Don Lemon and the black guy from the Matrix.

I’m surprised that it’s not like a Highlander type thing, with those two trying to kill each other.

Fox News:

The judge at Bill Cosby’s sexual assault trial is bristling at repeated defense requests for a mistrial as the jury asks to rehear yet more testimony on its fifth day of deliberations.

Judge Steven O’Neill said Friday that he’ll let jurors work as long as they want as they try resolving a deadlock that threatened to end the case without a verdict.

After a lunch break, jurors are expected to rehear testimony from accuser Andrea Constand and her mother about phone calls with Cosby.

O’Neill criticized the Cosby team for what he says is a “misperception that there’s a time limit” on how long deliberations can last.
Cosby lawyer Brian McMonagle argued the court was “being asked to review the entire trial” with the jury’s repeated requests to rehear testimony.

Earlier Friday, Cosby thanked his fans and supporters.

Who are his fans, I wonder?

Oh right – same fans OJ Simpson had.

You know they don’t actually believe he’s innocent. Or care.

They are just rooting for their team.

They partied when OJ was acquitted – not because they believed justice was served, but because Team Black beat Team White.

In point of fact, OJ himself was considered a magical Negro.

He was in the Naked Gun movies, and acted like a normal person.

And honestly brah, I don’t care if Naked Gun was produced by Zucker, Abrahams, Zucker and Weiss.

Leslie Nielsen was funny as hell.

Or maybe I just have good memories watching them with my family as a kid. I don’t know.

I do know that total personal revisionism to remove every piece of Jewish entertainment media from your childhood memories really isn’t healthy or helpful. Better just to remove Jews – from existence.


This is as good of an example as any I can give of this phenomenon, which I have been meaning to talk about: people who wake up to the Jews go back through their entire childhood and try to remove the things they enjoyed that had to do with Jews, and that ends up being like a psychiatric condition. I have fond memories laughing at these films with people I care about, and I’m not going to try to wipe out those memories because I hate the Jews.

Plus I mean, Nielsen himself wasn’t Jewish.

This guy, like Adam West, was pure Bavarian Phenotype over 9000k.

I am going to do my best to keep my own children Judenfrei as far as entertainment media goes. When you’re aware of the issue, it’s not that hard to navigate. There is a lot of great stuff that wasn’t done by Jews. A lot of Disney stuff (though I recently watched clips from Aladdin that were filled with hookers), Hanna-Barbara, Warner Bros.

And look, I’m just gonna be real with you: I still watch a couple shows with Jews. Archer I watch.

It isn’t written by Jews, but the lead voice actor is Jew – and he’s really funny.

I think as a general rule for life, you kinda shouldn’t be a total obsessive. You should do your best at everything, but don’t let anything become an obsession.

Especially not women. Like the pick-up artist thing. Don’t do that. This is weird, and screams mommy issues.

One exception to the no obsessions rule: If you are a man, it is totally fine to have an obsession with meaningful work. And if you don’t, you will slowly kill yourself.

There is a Philip K. Dick book called Galactic Pot Healer that deals with this concept. It was one of his most underrated works, in my opinion.

Dick was a non-Jew. Pure German speed-addict, acid head, jailbait enthusiast, Christian and true genius. He was one of the people who means the most to me, out of all of the people.

Anyway yeah, the obsession thing – this was a big mistake of the older “WN 1.0” I think. They dissociated themselves so far from mainstream culture that they ended up being unable to connect to mainstream culture. If you’re trying to throw a cultural revolution, that is the exact opposite thing you want to do, which I believe is why pretty much from the assassination of Rockwell in 1967 to Alt-Right really getting defined sometime around 2015ish, you didn’t really have a viable White Nationalist movement.

So I mean, I like the whole “is x degenerate” phenomenon as a way of analyzing the culture at large, but applying it to yourself personally will most likely drive you completely insane. We are all damaged because we were born to damaged people in an age of the damaged.

If you are blessed with autism, just try to, you know – chillax.

We’re not going to get anywhere acting like a bunch of uptight obsessives. Our strength is that we don’t do that.

Part of the magic of the WHITE SHARIA meme is that it is forcing people to process that obsessiveness.

Everything is going to be okay, guys.

We shall all be healed.

The truly incredible thing about all of this is that people actually like it when I write articles like I just wrote this one.

I used to do it just to troll the audience because I was bored – now I do it because the people demand it of me.