Bigot Decorates House With Pro-Fag Rainbow ‘Christmas’ Lights

Daily Stormer
December 5, 2016

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Don’t hurt the pansy’s feelings.

Another story where the wrong person gets praised by Jewish media and it’s zombies as a hero, while the true hero gets painted as a villain.


Lexi Magnusson, 34, covered her lawn in 10,000 rainbow Christmas lights after her neighbor openly expressed homophobic opinions. Magnusson snapped a photo of her lovely display and posted it to the content-sharing site, Reddit, this week.

Our new neighbors are bigots. Since regular aggression leads to assault charges, I went with passive aggression. 10,000 lights later,” she said in the caption of the photo on Reddit.

I’m not sure if these people choose to ignore what the definition of a bigot is, but this lady seems very intolerant of her neighbors’ views on homosexuality.

So, she has the right to decide who she will and will not tolerate, but if anybody else does it then they’re a bigot.

Magnusson, who lives outside of Seattle, Washington, told The Huffington Post that it all started when a new neighbor swung by her home.

“She’s Mormon and heard that we were, too. My guess is that she thought we were still believers, even though my husband told her we no longer attend,” she told HuffPost. “I imagine she thought we still held the same belief about LGBTQ issues as the Church does. We absolutely do not. It’s why I left the Mormon church.”

The neighbor went on the tell Magnusson that she moved her family to Washington to “protect her children.” Apparently the neighbor’s son was attending a high school that allowed lesbians to attend the prom together and had school assemblies where they spoke about openly about transgender acceptance.

Is it really such a shock that parents don’t want their children to think it’s OK to have gender identity issues?

Schools should not be taking it upon themselves to teach a bunch of easily influenced kids what is and isn’t okay.

Children don’t understand the whole scope of sexuality, gender, mental illness and nurture.

They don’t understand that the woman over there is a butch lesbian because her ex-husband beat her up and now she hates all men.


All mothers should naturally want to shield their kids from pedophilia

Leftists are very big on not interfering with other people’s parenting skills, however that never extends to conservative parents.


Something a spoiled brat would do

Despite the fact that the kids who this is meant for won’t know what it means, it’s disgusting that this slut went out of her way to expose her neighbors’ children to something just because she decided that she doesn’t like the way they are being raised.

If you need a poster child for bigotry, this woman is it.

She said that she wanted to get her children away from that sort of influence and people making that ‘lifestyle’ OK,” Magnusson explained.

Magnusson was outraged, but she attempted to keep her cool.

I responded only with, ‘Your kids are going to be exposed to this no matter where you take them. Kids these days get it. They know not to be horrible to other kids based on how they were born,’” she said.

Lexi is a perfect example of everything a parent shouldn’t be.

Bowing down to what society has decided to deem as ‘normal behavior’ and not even bothering to shield her children from something because ‘they’ll be exposed to it no matter what.’

What modern education should be like

Her neighbor actively cared about her children’s psychological wellbeing and decided that she didn’t want them to be indoctrinated by liberal teachers who are out to push an agenda.

In the current year it’s more than admirable that there are still parents out there who don’t sacrifice their children’s right to a healthy upbringing.

I felt good the entire time I put them up,” she told HuffPost. “I sent a text to my cousin who loves Christmas lights like I do, and who is also gay. His approval was everything.

No surprise that she’s related to a fag.


Be careful- offend it and it might inject you with AIDs.

But we need to hear about more people that are actively protecting their children against the perversions that poison western society.

Too often we hear about the parents who push for their children to be degenerates, and rarely is it brought to our attention that there are still mothers out there who take their position as a guardian seriously and aren’t cucked.

It’s unfortunate that they have to be shamed for doing their job properly and most likely feel very isolated, but nevertheless it’s inspiring.