Biggest Fires in American History: Is It Antifa Arson? Is the Media Covering It Up?

Multiple times per year, we hear about forest fires in California, as a matter of course. Like weather phenomena, it is basically background noise if you or your loved ones are not affected by it.

However, what is happening down the entire West Coast right now is much, much bigger than it usually is when we hear about a forest fire, and the media isn’t really drawing attention to just how widespread they are.

The media is joking about gender reveal parties.

Some publications, including Salon, are using this opportunity to push a transgender agenda, saying that believing in gender is causing fires.

That is media spin that will give you whiplash.

It is likely that given the way the media has dealt with the topic, a lot of Americans who do not live on the West Coast think that there is only one big fire started by this gender reveal party.

In actual fact, there are dozens of fires.

On Thursday, the August Complex fire became the biggest fire in California history. This also probably makes it the biggest fire in American history; combined, these are definitely the biggest fires in history, though the media isn’t including that title.

It’s half a million acres.

More than three million acres have burned in California alone, and some of the larger fires are in Washington and Oregon.

What’s shocking is that the media isn’t even producing clear maps showing the extent of this.

This image makes an impression:

Those are all unique fires.

Also on Thursday, for the first time, authorities in Oregon have said that they believe those fires were probably deliberately set.

Unfortunately, this entire situation is now shrouded in this new form of ultra-aggressive fake news that has emerged in 2020 with the coronavirus hoax and the communist riots.

On September 10, local Oregon media printed this headline:

On the very same day, the New York Times printed this headline:

Obviously, identifying whether a fire is natural, an accident or arson is rather complicated, but the NYT headline is ridiculously misleading. The authorities in Oregon are investigating the fires as arson, they’re just saying they have no proof it’s Antifa.

As The Oregonian reports:

Authorities are investigating the Almeda fire as an arson after discovering human remains in Ashland, the city police chief said.

The Jackson County’s Major Assault/Death Investigation Unit is investigating the nature of the death of the person found, according to Ashland Police Chief Tighe O’Meara.

The unit draws detectives from Ashland Police, Medford, Central Point, Oregon State Police, the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office and the Jackson County District Attorney’s Office.

“One thing I can say is that the rumor it was set by Antifa is 100% false information,” the police chief said by email. “We have some leads, and none of it points in that direction.”

The Federal Emergency Management Agency late Wednesday authorized the use of federal money for firefighting costs for the Almeda Glendower Fire, which started on Tuesday and had burned about 600 homes and more than 3,000 acres of private land at the time of the state’s request for federal aid.

The Medford Mail Tribune quoted Jackson County Sheriff Nate Sickler as saying the remains found in Ashland might not be the only fatality from the fire that ravaged Talent and Phoenix and threatened parts of Medford.

I don’t want to put too fine of a point on it, but the state of Oregon appears to have reason to downplay Antifa involvement in anything, as well as a consistent track record of doing so.

Donald Trump has repeatedly attacked them for being unable to control this violent communist uprising. He sent in feds to Portland to stop a federal building from being burned down by Antifa, and both Mayor Ted Wheeler and Governor Kate Brown said that this was an “invasion” and that there was actually no problem with these riots. When an Antifa member killed a Trump supporter, the governor blamed white supremacy.

I think it is safe to say that if the authorities did have information pointing to Antifa, they would not be forthcoming with that information.

But let’s be real here: we see a group of people setting fires on the streets of Portland every single day.

Then we see a massive fire outside of Portland, and we’re told that it appears to be arson.

I don’t know about you, but I can do that math in my head.

Of course, you can’t simply conclude something like this without evidence, but it is unlikely there ever will be evidence. So I think it’s very safe to say that the most likely explanation here is that the same people who started the fires in Oregon started the fires outside of Oregon.

I recently examined some of the beliefs of Antifa, which are a complete joke.

They are not legitimately a political group, in the sense that they are rational actors working towards a political goal. As we’ve explained in some detail on this website, Antifa is a tool of the ruling class to push their own agenda, which shares nothing in common with the stated agenda of Antifa, other than that both groups are very Jewish and very into homosexuality.

The elite goal is to cause chaos using the Antifa, so they created a fake political ideology that is focused exclusively on violence and destruction. They then recruit people with drug problems and psychological problems to commit stupid acts of totally pointless violence.

I don’t know if the people who control them would tell them to go start fires in the woods, but it is very easy to see how people who have been organized for the purpose of causing random acts of gratuitous violence would get it in their heads to go burn down a forest.

On the level of their childish ideology, they would say that it bleeds the state of resources if they have to put out fires. Their handbooks probably don’t say, “start forest fires,” because these urbanite Jewish homosexuals claim to be environmentalists, but they do explicitly state that you should force the state to put out fires.

If Antifa is likely the culprit behind the fires in Oregon, than it’s safe to say they’re likely behind some of the other fires, and probably, this “biggest in history” situation is a massive Antifa terrorist attack on our natural heritage, our wildlife and on the homes of many people.

The fact that the media is being so weird about all of it is evidence that they themselves believe it is Antifa, probably having simply followed the logic that I just laid out. It is also possible that they have evidence that Antifa is responsible that they are covering up.

Antifa holds the unique designation of being entirely above the law, in that they cannot ever be investigated for any crime. This means they are able to distribute terrorist instruction manuals willy-nilly without ever having to worry about getting caught. If law enforcement came across a pamphlet or an email chain from Antifa telling their members to start forest fires, they would destroy that evidence, because the group cannot be investigated. Attorney General William Barr has made this abundantly clear.

The explanation for why is more very simple math.

If journalists came across evidence that Antifa was instructing their members to start forest fires, they would not only destroy that evidence, they would begin a program to cover it up.

The gender reveal thing, the refusal to print maps, the general lack of reporting on just how extreme this actually is (biggest in history) – all of that would fit with a program to cover up Antifa involvement in these fires.

But remember: it could all be a coincidence.

It is fire season right now. We should remember what fire season is: it just means that because there is dry plant matter on the ground, fires start more easily and are more difficult to put out. I have no doubt that a fire was started by a gender reveal party, and others would be started by cigarette butts, Pacific Gas & Electric, and various other non-Antifa sources.

There is no proof Antifa is behind any of them, and the likelihood is that there never will be proof. If you see The Gateway Pundit or some random Facebook post saying, “PROOF: ANTIFA BEHIND FIRES,” that probably isn’t a real story. What’s more, such stories are put out so that they can be easily debunked in an attempt to make people like me, saying, “well, the math adds up,” look like kooky conspiracy theorists.

The best we can hope for is a leaked manual showing that Antifa was ordering their people to start fires, but there would be no way to verify the authenticity of that.

The bottom line is: it seems more likely than not that Antifa is starting these fires.