Big Tech’s War on Fake News is a War on Information Jews Dislike

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
January 28, 2019

Big tech is determined to purge or bury any content that Jews don’t like.

A few years back, all the big tech companies basically declared a war on “fake news.” This was sold as a plan to purge false information from all the large social media sites like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. This war on “fake news” has been a hoax; it has only been a war on information Jews dislike.

The average person who heard that these companies were purging “fake news” from their sites falsely assumed that this meant they would be removing material deemed to be factually incorrect. Instead, big media companies run by Jews like CNN, Buzzfeed, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC and others have been allowed to spread all sorts of lies and conspiracy theories. The enforcement has been entirely selective.

For the past couple of years, these Jew-run media companies have pushed an endless array of unproven conspiracy theories about Donald Trump and Russia. Just recently they pushed the false Buzzfeed story about Trump allegedly directing his former Jew lawyer Michael Cohen to lie. They also pushed lies alleging that those White Covington MAGA students were racially harassing some injun. It’s literally been an endless barrage of falsehoods and lies from these Jewish media operations.

Not only has none of their false material been removed but it has been promoted and highlighted by all of the big social media companies. Meanwhile, many smaller alternative media operations, bloggers and vloggers have either been banned, had their material buried or have been routinely punished in some way. Much of this has happened under the guise of eliminating so-called “fake news.” The one thing all of these people and groups have had in common is that they were promoting information or a particular view not favorable to Jewish agendas. Their content has been intentionally misidentified as “fake news” even if there was no evidence to suggest that the content was incorrect. Questionable “fact checking” organizations have even been employed in order to aid this very dishonest effort.

YouTube has been banning “hate” for a long time. They banned Alex Jones for being Alex Jones. Now, they’ve just announced that they would be burying videos pertaining to flat earth discussion and alternative views on the 9/11 attacks. They have also been banning channels relating to MGTOW or “men going their own way.” Yet despite all of this chicanery, they are claiming that they are 100 percent behind “free speech.” It is some of the most Orwellian double speak nonsense imaginable. You can’t be for “free speech” if you are banning and burying content simply because the site’s Jewish management doesn’t agree with it.

Susan Wojcicki is the evil Jewish woman who runs YouTube. She has been hellbent on ensuring content unfavorable to Jews is removed from the site.

The fact that the Trump administration has done next to nothing in regulating these big tech companies is ridiculous. A few months ago there were rumblings that something might happen, but thus far nothing substantive has been announced. These sites have been allowed to maintain their status as an open platform even though they are operating as publishers. The distinction between these two concepts is outlined in the Communications Decency Act, and they gain all sorts of benefits by claiming to be a platform rather than a publisher. Facebook has actually admitted in court that they are not a platform but a publisher, but thus far the government has refused to take legal action to change their status.

These big companies have been given permission to arbitrarily ban or bury whatever content they want without facing any sort of legal consequences. This is completely insane considering their position in maintaining what is effectively the modern day public square.

If the government doesn’t step in and begin regulating these companies, they’re going to slowly ban almost every account of substance that is pro-Trump. Same goes for any material outside the scope of what Jews are comfortable with. They will do this under the guise of fighting “fake news,” because the only news they perceive as real is that which comes from media companies run by Jews.

Regardless of what you think of Trump, the Jews have made it clear that they greatly dislike the platform he was elected on, and greatly dislike him as an individual. And that’s why they are going to try and eliminate as many pro-Trump social media figures as possible in the lead up to the 2020 election. Trump needs to start doing something about this, otherwise he’s going to have some serious problems. Posting random tweets about this situation is not nearly enough.