Big Tech Turns Its Attention to Manosphere, Bans Roosh and Chateau Heartise!

Roy Batty and Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 12, 2019

Now that the tech monopolies are done banning “Nazis,” they’ve moved on to banning all sorts of other people.

Roosh V was a pick-up artist author who now mainly writes about men’s self-help type issues. He is a part of what is referred to as the “Manosphere.” Apparently, this is considered a large enough threat to the system to require a full crackdown.

Roosh recently appeared on the Alex Jones Show to discuss his shutdown.

He talks about how he has been banned from Instagram and various payment processors, and fears he is now entering into Jones-tier censorship.

The bans came because he announced his first meet-up tour since the last one got hounded by Antifa, Feminists and the Canadian government.

It turns out that the Jews are even more paranoid about IRL meetups than they are about people writing mean things about them and their schemes on the internet.

Every time you try to do something vaguely right-wing in meatspace, you get the Antifa hounds sicced on you.

But Roosh is not the only Manosphere figure to find himself in the cross-hairs of Big Tech.

Chateau Heartiste, a semi-anonymous blogger that wasn’t fond of front holes, n-word people and big tech censorship, was finally shut down by the blogging site WordPress. He made one last Hate Post before the hammer came down.

He was writing quite a bit about the crackdown on dissidents in the West and the coming Road War in his final days.

It comes off as prescient in the wake of his ban.

The Chateau of red pill knowledge… gone forever.

Folks, what else is there left to say?

All the arguments have already been made. Every time the public heard what we had to say, they found themselves agreeing and nodding along, stroking their chin thoughtfully as they did so.

Now, they’re just banning people, so there is no more conversation to be had.

What are people supposed to do next?

These Big Tech censors appear to be trying to create terrorists.

It’s as if they don’t understand just how precarious the situation is, and are adding fuel to the fire, convinced that everyone is as soy-soaked and cucked as the average employee running around doing IT work for them.

This won’t end well.