Big Pop Pop Bill Gates Condemns America’s Evil Step-Father Donald Trump for Cutting WHO Funding

America’s evil step-father Donald Trump has announced that he’s cutting funding to the World Health Organization (WHO), saying that the dumb black guy who runs the group is stupid.

Meanwhile, America’s real daddy, Bill Gates, is standing on the sidelines, attempting to save us but not having the power because America’s battered mommy (working class voters) won’t let him make the decisions in our lives.

All we have to do to understand how reckless our step-father is being in shutting down WHO’s funding at the crucial moment is think of all that WHO has done to help us in this virus crisis, and by that I mean, think of all of the public statements they’ve given to the press, and all of the lives that these press statements have saved.

This is how you save lives.

If the funding is cut, then they won’t have the money to buy the bottled water and sandwiches they need for these press conferences.

Millions more people will die if the world does not get to witness these press briefings, where WHO officials continue to tell us how dangerous the virus is and how the whole world is going to need to be force-vaccinated.

Abusive step-father Donald Trump walks away from his step-children after abusing them.

We are now a virus nation. Everything that happens is determined by the course of this virus, which is going to kill millions any day now. That is why we must give big pop pop Bill Gates total control of everything, and allow him to do as he sees fit with his own children who he loves so very deeply.

Bill Gates is the kind of real devoted father who shows up to his kid’s little league game even though the step-dad threatened to beat him up if he saw him there. In this picture, Bill Gates is doing a Mrs. Doubtfire routine, just to have access to his children.