Big News: Trump Tweets Out Clip of Joe Rogan Saying Joe Biden is a Dying Flashlight

It’s big news when Donald Trump shares a Joe Rogan clip.

The clip is funny.

If I was trying to figure out why it is big news, I would probably suspect that the media is attempting to suggest: “here’s a fashionable person that isn’t banned from everything who is saying negative things about Democrats – he either needs to stop saying negative things about Democrats, or he needs to be banned from everything.”

The Democrats really have a problem with how unfashionable they are.

It’s not sexy.

This whole thing with Antifa, trannies, black people.

It’s all very humorless.

It’s also heavy, in that it’s being forced on everyone against their will. Even if you want to go along with it, you get threatened and harassed by people forcing you to go along with it.

At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if Twitter bans Donald Trump from questioning Joe Biden’s mental state.

They could say that it was election meddling.

Earlier this week, Trump retweeted this clip with Mike Tyson on Joe Rogan.

The evidence clearly shows that Donald Trump is colluding with Joe Rogan to meddle in the election.

Time to shut it all down.