“Big Gay Bastard” Joint Chiefs Chair Says We Should Fight Russia in Afghanistan

It really makes a lot of sense that it would be beneficial to the American people to fight a war against Russia in Afghanistan.

It will help you a lot with your personal problems if that happens.

NBC News:

Army Gen. Mark Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told Congress on Thursday that the Trump administration was “perhaps not” doing “as much as we could or should” to deter Russia and other foreign powers from providing weapons and support to America’s enemies in Afghanistan.

Questioned at a House Armed Services hearing about the long history of Russia’s support for the Taliban, Milley said Russia was among many U.S. adversaries that for years have been providing “training, money, weapons, propaganda … and a lot of other things” to the Taliban and the Haqqani network, an Afghan guerrilla group.

The military has responded on the ground, he said, but “the issue is higher than that.”

“The issue is at the strategic level,” he said. “What should or could we be doing at the strategic level?”

The key question, Milley said, was whether there are sanctions that should be imposed, diplomatic protests lodged, phone calls made or other pressure brought to bear.

“I can tell you that some of that is done. Are we doing as much as we could or should? Perhaps not. Not only to the Russians, but to others. But a lot of it is being done. Some of it’s quiet. Some of it’s not so quiet.”

Milley and Defense Secretary Mark Esper, who also testified, said the military was looking into the intelligence that the Russians had offered payments to the Taliban as an incentive to kill Americans, but both said that military intelligence agencies had cast doubt on the reports and that they had seen no indication that any American was killed because of a so-called bounty program.

However, they acknowledged that Russia had been supporting the Taliban for years, and Milley’s comment was a concession that the U.S. has not pushed back as hard as it could. It is unclear whether President Donald Trump has ever raised the issue in his many conversations with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Seriously, folks: think about it.

You might think your life is bad now, what with the total collapse of the economy, the blacks rioting and preparing to slaughter you, losing your house, your marriage, your entire life – but imagine how you would feel if Russia had too much influence in Afghanistan.

This would be an absolute catastrophe for the American people.

That’s why we need to follow the advice of this big, fat, gay sonovabitch in the military and really use a lot of American resources to go get Russia in Afghanistan.

We might have to cut some of these assistance programs to help people during the coronavirus hoax in order to funnel the money into the war effort to protect Afghani democracy. But you’ll be happy we did. Oh boy, will you be happy we did.

The face you’re going to make when Russia has less influence in Afghanistan