Big Florida Shooting – Three Men in a Truck Open Fire, Drive Off (2 Dead, 20+ Shot)

Shockingly, there is more violence in America.


At least two people have been killed and an estimated 20 to 25 people have been shot after three suspects with assault rifles and handguns exited a vehicle and began shooting at a crowd of people.

The incident occurred at some point between midnight and 1 a.m. in Miami-Dade County in Florida when a white Nissan Pathfinder drove up to a location that was being rented for a concert, exited the vehicle and began unloading their firearms on the crowd, according to Miami-Dade police director Alfredo Ramirez who briefed the media early Sunday morning.

Ramirez called it “a terrible tragedy for the community” and added that it was a “cowardly act.”

What a disgusting choice for an attack truck.

(I will say that is a good commercial though.)

Toyota is the truck of choice for this sort of thing.

As one expert noted: “if you aint rollin yoda you aint shit up in this bitch.”

If the shooters get caught, it will probably be because the transmission goes out in their Nissan.

Two victims have been confirmed dead and an estimated 20 to 25 people have been shot in the incident as authorities are still looking to confirm the number victims.

Authorities say that all of the victims were shot outside and have been taken to various area hospitals for treatment. Their conditions are currently unknown.

None of the suspects are in custody at this time.

This is breaking news and there aren’t really very many details out at this time. I’m sure you could scour 4chan for more details, which I would usually do for you, but which I’m not going to do today because I’m really tired. I don’t have a staff to do that for me because I’m poor and no one donates.

The number of people hit verses the number of people dead sounds like blacks did it. It was also a black rap concert.

However, three men opening fire from a truck – at least one with a rifle – sounds like standard Mexican/Latinx gang violence. And the people they are interviewing are all Mexican.

I’ve been saying for a while now that Mexican-style gang violence is going to come to America on a large scale sooner rather than later.

Of course, this could also be a staged right-wing attack by CIA-feds!

None of the footage released so far shows anything other than that the scene was very diverse.

The only narrative so far is “gun control” – nothing about white supremacy yet, which means that no news outlet has said these shooters are white.

They’re still on the loose, but their race is a secret.

At this point, mass shooters simply disappearing is possible. We haven’t had that happen yet (except black-on-black), but it happens all the time in Mexico.

Three people getting out of a truck and opening fire is a new form of violence, actually. Blacks do this, but it is usually only one person, and it is always black-on-black, and we at least know that some of these people were Mexican.

But, given that it was a rap concert, it seems likely that it was a black gang thing.

There is not any chance that anyone associated with a Mexican cartel would have this low of a bullets-to-kill ratio. One thing Mexican know how to do is shoot people.